Unexpected Summer

Ashlee has waited for the longest time to go to California with her friend Rose. They get a month there and she is very excited, until she finds out a certain superstar will be on vacation in the beach house right next door. (this story is made for the 1D fanfic contest so it won't be too long and if you like it please share it with your friends!)


3. Fire

The sun was starting to set and when I looked out my window I saw the boys of One Direction sitting around a fire laughing and having fun. Rose came up behind me to see what I was looking at and when she did she gasped.

"oh.my.god." I walked away from the window to go to the fridge and grab a water.

"Rose, they are just people calm down." she turned and looked at me.

"Just people? They are five hot guys with amazing voices and amazing personalities. What more could you ask for?" I shrugged and she turned to look again for a few seconds before turning back to me with a devilish look on her face.

"Can we crash it!?" 

"No!" I put my water on the counter and started towards my room.

"oh come on Ashlee live a little!!" I turned to see her right in front of me.

"Well first of all we won't have to crash it I have and invite, second of all I don't want to go!"

"You. Have. An invite?" I went into my room grabbed Harry's letter and brought it back to show Rose.

"Oh My God. Ashlee you have to go!!" I shook my head.

"I'm not going." I went back and grabbed my water again, Rose following me like a lost puppy dog.

"Pretty please Ashlee!!!! I want to go!" 

"Then go."

"I can't go without you, you're the one with an invite" I sighed.

"Okay but only for a while." 

Yes!! Thank you!!" She ran upstairs to get changed, I'm guessing. I decided just to stay in my sweatpants and zip up hoodie. But it had felt like an hour before Rose came down in gym shorts and a pull over, 

"You ready?" she nodded and I shook my head. "Come on." We went outside and walked towards the boys. It was basically pitch black out by now but they still saw us coming over. Harry ran us to us once we were only feet away.

"Glad you came." He said.

"You can thank this one." I said pointing to Rose.

"I'm afraid we haven't met yet." Harry stuck his hang out to Rose and she took it.

"I'm Rose" She said. She was acting very calm, I was surprised and a little worried.

"Well, I'm Harry." He brought us over closer to the fire. "This is Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. Boys this is Ashlee and Rose." we both waved and they waved back. Harry motioned for us to take a seat so we sat in the two empty seats. Rose ended up being in between me and Niall, and I was stuck between her and Harry. Of Course.

"So where are you girls from?" Liam asked.

"New Hampshire" Rose replied.

"Never heard of it" Niall said with a laugh.

"No one really has." Rose said laughing back. everyone joined in laughing as well.

"You girls in school?" Zayn asked.

"It is summer break right now but we are going into our freshman year of college. Well, I am anyway." Rose said turning to me when she aid that. Everyone looked at me like they were expecting a reason why.

"I'm taking a gap year. I don't know what I want to do yet." Everyone nodded. They kept going back to asking a million questions but I stayed quiet most of the night. Harry kept trying to make moves on me as well. He would try putting his arm around my shoulder or waist, really he would just try to touch me in some way which I found quite annoying. I was coming to the end of the night and Rose and Niall had gone for a walk on the beach. "Well, I think it is about time for me to head back." I said standing up then wiping the sand off of me."

"Let me walk you home." Harry said getting up as well.

"I'll be alright." I said as I started to walk but Harry just followed me anyways.

"It would be my pleasure." We walked to my house in silence until I got to the door that went into my room. I turned to Harry.

"Thanks for coming tonight, I had fun."

"Yeah, me too... well goodnight." I opened my door and was about to close it when Harry's hand blocked me from doing so.

"Can I see you tomorrow?" Is he really going to keep pushing?

"Maybe." I tried to close it again but he stopped it.

"Please? There is a fair down the street and I think it would be fun if you came with the boys and I, Rose can come too of course." I was going to say no but then I thought of Rose and how devastated she would be is I passed this up. and I would feel guilty from keeping her from it.

"Fine." I said and a smile grew on Harry's face.

"Then I'll see you tomorrow." I nodded and he finally left. I instantly hopped in bed. I honestly was a little excited for tomorrow. I tried to stop myself from it but I couldn't help it. If I end up falling for Harry I'm only hurting myself, he will never be more than just a summer romance.

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