Unexpected Summer

Ashlee has waited for the longest time to go to California with her friend Rose. They get a month there and she is very excited, until she finds out a certain superstar will be on vacation in the beach house right next door. (this story is made for the 1D fanfic contest so it won't be too long and if you like it please share it with your friends!)


6. Downhill

I woke up the next morning and looked out my window to see a beautiful beach, also Rose and Niall kissing on the porch. I quickly closed my blinds and went over to the kitchen. I made myself cereal and was eating it until my phone rang.

"Grandma?" I said as I answered it. 

"Hi Ashlee."

"Is everything okay?" I sat up in my seat and put my spoon down she sounded worried.

"not exactly." Now I was even more scared.

"Grandma? What's going on?"

"It's your mother, she has gotten very ill. The doctors think It might be breast cancer." I froze. I almost dropped my phone out of my hand.

"No. No. This can't be happening!" Tears started to fall down my face. 

"Ashlee, Everything will be oka-"

"I'm coming back to take care of her."

"Ashlee I don't thi-" 

"Grandma, She needs all the love she can get, and she isn't going to get it from me in California. I'm catching the next flight back. I'll see you soon" I hung up before she could argue with me. I ran out into the porch where Rose and Niall were talking now. They turned around and saw me crying.

"Ashlee are you okay?" Rose asked.

"No. My mom got cancer." Rose covered her mouth with her hand.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry do you need me to do anything for you?" She said standing up.

"No but I'm going to catch the next flight back home and take care of her." Rose nodded.

"Let me know if you need anything.." Rose said giving me a hug. Niall got up and gave me a hug as well.

"Niall is Harry home? I want to say goodbye." I asked as Niall nodded.

"Yeah he should be." I said thank you and walked past them over to the boy's house. I just used the back door, I knocked but no one answered so I figured I would just go in.

"Harry?" My voice was shaky from crying. I went into the living room and saw Harry lip locking with some other girl. Harry saw me and pushed her off.

"Ashlee I-" 

"Save it. I was just coming to say goodbye, but you look a little busy." Tears started falling even harder now. I walked towards the doors I had entered through and I could hear Harry following me.

"Ashlee, let me explain please." I stopped and turned to him.

"I don't have time Harry. I need to pack for my flight." I started walking again.

"Your flight? Where are you going?" This time I didn't stop I just kept walking.

"It doesn't matter Harry, Nothing matters anymore just... let me pack okay. "I went into my room and slammed the door to the beach shut. I packed as fast as I could then Rose and Niall drove me to the airport. I 'said my last goodbyes to them then got on my flight. It had been a couple hours into the flight. I slept most of the way but now I was bored. I looked through my carry on and found the camera that Harry had given me. Tears started to form in my eyes as I looked through the pictures, Then I came across a video. I didn't remember taking a video. I pressed play and it showed me... looking at the water

'Don't take a picture of me!'

'Why not? Don't like being on that side of the lens?'

'That's exactly it.'

The video then showed me and Harry kissing, It stopped and I noticed tears streaming down my face. And that is how I spent the rest of my flight. Crying.

When I got back home I threw my stuff on the floor and ran to my moms room, she was lying in bed and she looking very sick.

"Mom..." I said quietly. my voice shaking.

"Ashlee.. Why are you here?" she said moving a little, she sounded so weak.

"I wanted to be here for you." I moved over to the side of her bed and took her hand. "Is it.. Cancer?" she looked at me and nodded slowly. Tears slowly escaping my eyes.

"Can't you treat it? Start going to chemo?"  she looked down.

"They caught it too late... There is nothing I can do."

"They are doctors! There has to be something they can do!"

"Ashlee, honey, They have thought of everything, but nothing will help. I am already too far along." I rested my forehead on her hand that was intertwined in mine. Then raised my head just a little bit.

"How much longer?" I didn't want to finish the question but she knew I meant how much longer she had to live.

"They said I could make it a couple more months.. they don't expect much more than that" I started choking on my breath.

"I love you mom."

"I love you too sweetie."

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