What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

Dani has been supporting her best friend's obsession with the latest guy trends since they were 7. From the Jonas Brothers to Justin Bieber, Dani had heard it all. Dani had never been much to follow the crowd, and never really paid much attention to the latest boy bands. All she knew were the names.
Well, Grace's newest obsession is a little band called One Direction. Dani is constantly hearing about tour dates, concerts, and interviews, but had never heard their music or seen their pictures. Just another boy band, right?
But when Dani unknowingly meets one of the famous band members, her life is changed forever. Especially when she finds out that her summer will also be effected. Will her lack of interest in the band continue, or will she open up to the new atmosphere?


14. Sightseeing

Dani's POV

I woke up to the bright sun streaming through my window. Niall was sleeping on the couch, and I felt kind of bad.

I crept over to where he was sleeping, and smiled at him. He looked so peaceful...

"You are totally staring at me right now." he murmured, and I jumped.

"I thought you were asleep!" I cried.

"Not asleep. Just resting my eyes."

"Oh, sure." I said sarcastically.

Niall opened his eye and smiled at me, "Hey. What's up?"

"Not a whole lot. Just found out that Macy and Emma have to go home, because Macy's Grandmother is in the hospital, and Emma's dad got her a modelling contract." I said, recalling them both telling me this before I went to sleep last night.

"What? Nobody decided to tell me this?"

I shrugged, "I'm telling you now."

"When do they leave?"

"As soon as they get up."

"I'm hungry."

I rolled my eyes and grabbed his hand, dragging him off the couch and out the door. When we got downstairs, I saw that everybody else was already up, and Emma and Macy were standing at the door with their suitcases.

"Finally! You guys sleep more than koala bears!" Macy cried.

I grinned and hugged my two friends, "I wish you guys didn't have to go!"

"Me too!" Macy agreed.

"But at least I'm going to be happy!" Emma cried.

Macy and I rolled our eyes at our self-centered BFF. Only Emma could make this moment completely about her.

"We'll be back before your birthday!" Macy promised. I nodded and watched as the two of them got into the waiting limo. I sighed and turned around to face the remainder of our vacation party.

"Okay...so...what are we going to do today?" I asked.

"How should we know? You're the Italian." Grace pointed out.

I shrugged, "Well, there's a lot to do in Rome. What would you guys like to do?"

"Sightseeing!" Sam cried. She quickly covered her mouth after her outburst, and I saw her cheeks go red. Zayn smiled at this, and I laughed.

"Sure. How about the Colosseum?" I suggested.

"YES!" Louis cried. He jumped off the couch and ran upstairs to get changed. Niall and I laughed, and everyone else followed him up to our rooms.

"What to wear, what to wear?" I asked myself as I dug through my suitcase. The denied outfits went into my closet, and I ended up with a pair of red skinny jeans and a loose white shirt. I paired it with some black flats and brushed my hair out.

"You ready, love?" Niall asked.

"Yep!" I said as I came out of my bathroom. Niall draped his arm around my shoulder, and we walked back downstairs. Nobody but Liam was ready.

"Look! A girl!" he teased, "I thought you were supposed to be doing your hair until nightfall?"

I laughed, "I'm pretty sure you're confusing me with Zayn, Mr. Payne. Hey! That rhymes!"

Niall smiled and Sam was the next to come down. She was dressed in a little sundress that looked really cute on her.


"I made it." she said proudly.

"You made that?!" Niall cried.

"Sam is amazing with that kind of stuff. Sewing, drawing, handwriting-oh my gosh you should see how freaking perfect her writing is!" I said.

Sam smiled at me just as Louis came down the stairs, "HOLY COW! DANI WE MATCH!"

I raised an eyebrow, and it took me a few seconds to realize we were both wearing red skinny jeans. I laughed, "OH MY GOD! WE DO MATCH!"

"You're trying to be just like me, aren't you, Dani?" Louis teased.

"You're my hero, Lou. Now shut up."

The next person down the stairs was Harry, "Hey, guys. Grace is taking forever."

"Her and Zayn have a lot in common." I said.

"Naw, Zayn is just staring at himself in the mirror by this point." Niall said.

Sam sighed, "I'll go and get him."

"And I'll get Grace." I said.

Together, we hopped up the stairs and went into the separate rooms. The number thing was a little thing between Grace and I. We were both unable to go summer camp, so we would always pretend our rooms were cabins whenever we came here. It was really fun, and a great memory. That's why we never took the numbers down.


"I'M NOT FREAKING DONE YET, DANIELLE!" she screamed back.

I rolled my eyes and walked into the bathroom. Grace was standing in front of the mirror, holding up two pairs of earrings. I sighed and graped the hoops, tossing the pink flowers to the side.

"These ones. Can we go now?"

Grace huffed, but put the earrings in and followed me downstairs.

"Sami back with Zayn yet?" I asked.

The boys shook their heads. and i ran back upstairs after depositing my best friend into One Direction's care.

"Sam? Zayn?" I called, but I got no answer. I sighed and opened the door, peeking my head in.

I really wish I didn't.

Zayn and Sam were standing in the middle of the room, making out. Not the best way to start the day, but for them I suppose it was.

I quickly sneaked away before they could see me and dashed downstairs. I tripped on the last step, though, and went flying forward. Luckily, Niall caught me in his strong arms.

"Are you alright, love? Where are Zayn and Sam?" he asked.

"You don't want to know." I said. A few seconds later, Zayn and Sam walked down the stairs hand in hand.

"Did you two have fun up there?" I asked with a cheeky grin. They both blushed a deep red, and I laughed.

"LET'S GO!" Louis cried enthusiastically.

We all followed him outside, and I smiled at the car in front of me.

"This isn't going to be safe." Liam stated.

"No, but it's going to be fun." Louis said.

"Welcome home, Dani." Grace smiled.

I grinned and hopped into the red convertable. It was just like my car back home! Except it was a bit bigger. It looks like it can ALMOST fit all of us.

"Someone's driving, there are four other seats, five if we squish." Grace stated.

"So, two have to stand?" Zayn asked, not understanding how any of this was going to work.

"Lou can drive, Liam can sit in the passenger seat, The boys can sit in the seats with seat belts, and we can make do with the rest of the space." Grace said.

Everyone piled in, following Grace's instructions. I sat down on Niall's lap, and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"LET'S DO THIS!" Louis cried. He started the engine, and I noticed that Grace had even taken the liberty of putting her One Direction CD into the player.

I stood up just as my favourite 1D song came on, and held myself up by wrapping my arms around the back of Louis' seat. Grace giggled, and I found myself singing the words to 'Stand Up' confidently.

I heard a few wolf whistles as we drove into town, but I was far too used to it to really notice. I looked back at Niall, who was glaring at one of the guys staring at me. Oh, Niall. Naive little Nialler.

"Having fun staring at my ass, Niall?" I teased.

"Absolutely." he laughed as he pulled me back down onto his lap. I squealed and tried to break out of his grip. but gave up without really trying at all.

"LEFT! TURN LEFT MR. TOMLINSON!" I cried as Louis turned on his right blinker.

"I'm sorry! I've never been to Italy before!" he cried. I laughed as he turned left, and the Colosseum came into view.

"Wow! I haven't seen it in so long. It's so beautiful." I said. Niall smiled.

We all got out of the car and walked the rest of the way. The line up for the tour was intense.

"Hey! È una direzione?!" I heard some girl cry.

"We've been spotted!" I translated, "RUN!"

The boys didn't ask questions, and we bolted past the waiting line up to the front. There were about 10 girls chasing us by the time we reached the front of the line. I smiled at a familiar face, and his eyes widened, "È che il mio nipote preferito nel mondo?!"

"Farei meglio a essere!" I replied. He called for someone to take his place at the front and came out to greet us.

He reached out for a hug, and I detached myself from Niall's side to squeeze the man tightly.

"Guys, this is my uncle Martinez." I explained.

Martinez obviously noticed that the Grace, Sam, and the boys only understood English, because he began listing off a random assortment of items and animals in Italian at the speed of light. Niall raised an eyebrow at my strange uncle, and I rolled my eyes. This was probably why Mr and Mrs Flemming are my godparents, and not this guy.

"Uncle, quit it. I know you know English." I scolded.

"I am kidding, tesoro. Who are your friends?" Uncle asked.

"Well, you know Grace. Then there's Sam, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam, and my boyfriend Niall." I grinned, pointing to each of my friends in turn.

Uncle raised a strict eyebrow at Niall, "You know, Dani, when your mother and I were kids, we had a hamster named Niall." he paused, "I killed it."

Niall looked extremely scared right now, and took a small step away from my uncle, tugging my arm so I would do the same.

A grin broke out on Uncle's face, "I am kidding! You must lighten up, boy. It is not good to take everything so seriously!"

Niall looked a bit relieved now, but not really at ease.

"Are you planning on waiting in one of these lines for a tour?" Uncle asked.

"Yes. It's totally not going to be fun." Grace pouted. She knew exactly how to mooch stuff off my uncle.

"Nonsense! I will give you the private tour myself!" he cried happily.

"No, that's really not necessary-" Louis began a bit too quickly.

"No but's! This will be so much fun!"

I could tell that everyone was going to be a bit scared on this tour. Knowing my uncle, I would put money on it.
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