What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

Dani has been supporting her best friend's obsession with the latest guy trends since they were 7. From the Jonas Brothers to Justin Bieber, Dani had heard it all. Dani had never been much to follow the crowd, and never really paid much attention to the latest boy bands. All she knew were the names.
Well, Grace's newest obsession is a little band called One Direction. Dani is constantly hearing about tour dates, concerts, and interviews, but had never heard their music or seen their pictures. Just another boy band, right?
But when Dani unknowingly meets one of the famous band members, her life is changed forever. Especially when she finds out that her summer will also be effected. Will her lack of interest in the band continue, or will she open up to the new atmosphere?


19. Realization

Niall's POV

I snatched the note from Liam and read through it quickly. She went back to California. She left her home because of me!

I ran upstairs and opened Piper's door. I was surprised to see that she was packing up the few things she had into her purse, her shoes already on her feet.

"Pioer, Dani left! We have to go stop her!" I cried.

Piper grinned, "I heard. That means my work here is done."


"Dani hated me when we were growing up. She just couldn't accept the fact that I was better than her at Teverything. That's the real reason why her family moved to America."

"That's not very nice, Piper." I said.

"Some would say I'm not a very nice person. I mean, pretending to like a guy just to get a dumb bitch to run back home would sound awful to most people. But I had no trouble with it."

"You pretended to like me?"

"Of course. You didn't think I ACTUALLY wanted to hang out with you, did you?"

I didn't reply, and Piper laughed, "It's just too easy. Taking advantage of a boy who still loves his ex. How romantic. Too bad you broke up with her, right?"

Piper walked past me, but I couldn't move. What just happened?

I didn't give myself time to think about it. I just ran down the stairs and shoved Piper out of the way. I stole her cab and shouted, "Take me to the airport!"
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