What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

Dani has been supporting her best friend's obsession with the latest guy trends since they were 7. From the Jonas Brothers to Justin Bieber, Dani had heard it all. Dani had never been much to follow the crowd, and never really paid much attention to the latest boy bands. All she knew were the names.
Well, Grace's newest obsession is a little band called One Direction. Dani is constantly hearing about tour dates, concerts, and interviews, but had never heard their music or seen their pictures. Just another boy band, right?
But when Dani unknowingly meets one of the famous band members, her life is changed forever. Especially when she finds out that her summer will also be effected. Will her lack of interest in the band continue, or will she open up to the new atmosphere?


9. Italy

Dani's POV

Rome was exactly as I remembered it.

The palm trees, the gentle wind blowing through my hair, the familiar smell that sparked my memory. I love this place.

I turned around to see my friends smiling at me. I ran to Grace and wrapped my arms around her.

"Grazie." I whispered, recognizing the smooth Italian accent that rolled off my tongue with the simple word.

"The surprise isn't over yet." she whispered back.

I looked up at her questioningly, but before I could ask her about it, we were all stuffed into a car. It was dark outside, since it was 6:00 here, but it just made the entire experience so much more familiar. The bright lights of the city shined as we passed, and I smiled.

"You should get some sleep, Dani. You are the only one who hasn't slept yet. The drive is going to take about 3 hours." Grace said.

I nodded and rested my head on the window. It took no time at all for me to fall asleep.


"WAKE UP, DANI!" I heard a scream in my ear. I slowly stirred and looked around. When I remembered where I was, Macy was already shoving me out of the limo.

I took my brand new white iPhone out of my pocket and switched my clock to Italy time. It was just after 9.

I looked up at Grace's vacation house and rolled my eyes. It seriously looked like the house they used in the movie 'Twilight' (which Grace forced me to watch while she was in the Robert Pattinson obsession). The front walls were all floor to ceiling windows that wrapped around almost the entire first floor. The second floor had more large windows, but they were distributed differently. The upstairs was obviously where the bedrooms were.

Grace unlocked the front door and we all slowly walked in. The inside was really similar to our apartment in a way. Hardwood flooring went throughout the entire house, and the living room had a fluffy white carpet in the middle. Around the carpet were two white armchairs and a couch, and a fireplace on the opposite wall. I saw stairs that lead up to the bedrooms in front of me, and guessed that the rooms would be just as nice.

"We'll unpack in the morning. I think everyone needs their sleep tonight." Macy said. We all agreed and made our way upstairs. I was at the back of the group, so I watched as Macy, Sam, and Emma took the three nearest bedrooms. Grace took her usual one, and mine was all the way down the hall.

I sighed and dragged my suitcase into the room, shutting the door behind me.

The room was huge, with two glass walls and a huge queen sized bed. The pictures on the walls were of popular destinations in Italy, and I saw two black bean bag chairs in front of a 65 inch flat screen. A bunch of game consoles were tucked into a modern black shelf. Also in the room was a pink laptop, and a black carpet just like the one I have back at home around the bed. It was still hardwood, but I liked it. This place was like my second home.

I quickly changed into my pajama bottoms and an old t shirt before flopping onto my bed. The minute my head touched the pillow, I fell asleep again.



I jumped, causing my body to slip off the bed. Why does that always happen?

I saw the little portable radio beside my bed and grabbed it off the end table. I then walked over to one of the windows, undid the latches, opened the window, and tossed the radio off the bloody cliff. The noise disappeared and I smiled. Much more effective.

I heard my phone beep and picked it up. Text from: Niall.

I opened it and began to read.

-I heard you got to your vacation house alright. Would you mind walking outside for me, love? Tell me what you see ;) -

I raised an eyebrow at the message, but shrugged. I jogged downstairs and walked outside. The view was amazing. The house was nestled on a cliff side, so we were right above the ocean. There was a private beach below us, and the water was beautiful.

My phone beeped again, and I looked down at it. Text from: Niall.

-Turn around-

I curiously looked over my shoulder, and gasped. Niall was standing at the doorway, his adorable toothy grin on his face.

I ran towards his outstretched arms and jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I had no idea I could jump so high.

"Oh my God! What are you doing here?!" I cried, deciding not to let go just yet, in case this wasn't real.

"Not sure. Our manager told us to come here, but we are meeting with Mr. Flemming at noon." he said.

I pulled away slightly to look at him in the eye. I raised an eyebrow, "Us?"


I dropped to to the ground just in time to see Harry run outside with Louis, Zayn, and Liam close behind him.

"DANI CROSS!!! WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING IN YOUR PJ'S?!" Louis cried. I didn't even have time to spit a word to them before I was suddenly hoisted on top of their shoulders.

"WHAT IN BLOODY HELL?!" I screamed. The boys carried me all the way down the mountain, and I grew more and more scared. I didn't exactly want to resist, because I was sure I could get out of their grips. But I knew if I got loose, I would either fall onto the rocks, or fall off the cliff.

Suddenly, they stopped, and I looked down. A few seconds later, the air was rushing past me as I fell down to the dark blue waves below.

I hit the water with a muffled crash, and felt my body drift below the waves. I was a really good swimmer, and absolutely adored the water, but One Direction didn't know that. MWAHAHA!

I stayed where I was, and a few seconds later, I heard the muffled voices of panic coming from above. I smiled to myself. Serves them right for throwing me in the ocean.

Suddenly, I heard the dull crash of another heavy weight hitting the water. A pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist, and began pulling me towards shore. I felt the sand beneath my back and heard the panting of one of the boys as he crashed onto the shore.

"Dani! Dani are you alright?!" I heard Niall's worried voice cry as he shook my shoulders.

I couldn't take it anymore. I burst out laughing, and Niall gasped.

"DANI!!" he screamed, the annoyance clear in his voice.

"I'm sorry, Niall! I couldn't help it!" I cried.

"You little faker!" he said with a smile as he scooped me up and jogged back to the house. I continued to laugh as we burst through the door.

"Oh my God! It's a miracle! She's alive!" Louis cried. I hopped down out of Niall's arms and calmly walked over to where Harry stood. He looked concerned, but it didn't stop me from slugging him in the arm.

"What the HELL?!" I screamed.

"Sorry! I didn't know you couldn't swim!"

"I happen to be the best surfer in Beverly Hills. That was for tossing me into the water." I growled.

Suddenly, I heard the pounding of four girls running down the stairs, and looked up to the staircase.

"MORNING!!" they screamed. When they all saw the boys, everyone but Grace immediately stopped.

"You're here!" Grace cried as she ran to hug Harry. He hugged her back and I smiled. They were so cute.

"Oh. My. God. ONE DIRECTION?!?!?!?!" Emma screamed.

I rolled my eyes, "Emma, you already knew."

"Actually, she didn't. Nobody but me knew that they were coming. It's an extra surprise to go with Dani's reunion." Grace said.

"It's a reunion inside a reunion." I muttered.

Zayn and Louis looked at each other, "INCEPTION!!"

"What do you mean Dani's reunion?" Niall asked.

I sighed, "I lived in Italy until I was 6 years old. I lived here in Rome for half of my childhood. I love this place."

"So, like, you know Italian?!" Harry cried.

"I speak it fluently. Una direzione è un gruppo dispari, e Harry Styles è un nome stupido." I said with a smile. Man, I love my Italian accent that appears whenever I speak the language.

"Cool!" Harry said excitedly. I smiled to myself. He will never know I just insulted him.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Nine thirty." Niall said, "Would you like something to eat, love?"

I nodded and we headed to the kitchen. Luckily, nobody followed us.

"Did anybody tell you what this meeting is about?" I asked.

"Nope. But you have to come too apparently." Niall said with a shrug.

"I bet Grace knows. Her dad tells her everything. I bet that's how she knew you guys were coming too."

"Ya," Niall said. Then he looked up at me with a raised eyebrow, "Are you really Italian?"

"What? You think I'm just another one of Katey Perry's California Girls? I have a past. A very interesting past."

"Would you tell me about it?"

"Maybe. But not for awhile. That's a tragic tale nobody wants to hear." I smiled, "I don't want to scare you off before you get to know me."

Niall grinned, "Alright. So, the famous Dani Cross is Italian, who moved to California when she was 7. Her parents passed away in a fire two years ago, and now she lives with her crazy best friend. She loves the beach, is the best swimmer in Beverly Hills, only has four friends, and is the prettiest girl I know. Oh, and her favourite colour is blue. How did I do?"

I laughed, "It's a start. But that girl is just the tip of the iceberg."

"Tell me something else about you."

"Um...I can cook?" I said with a shrug.

"Thank heavens. I don't trust Louis around a stove."

I laughed, "I also don't like to be in wet clothes, so I'm going to go get changed."

I saw Niall smile out of the corner of my eye as I headed up the stairs.


Niall's POV

Wow. Dani is Italian? I would have never guessed that.

I made my way back to the living room, where everyone was sitting in front of the huge TV. They were watching some gossip show, and I hopped over the couch to squish between Harry and Grace. Harry sent me a glare, and I smiled smugly back at him.

"What are we watching?" I asked.

"Hollywood Hit List. They're talking about you and Dani." Louis said.

I grinned and focused my attention to the screen.

"-Horan, and Danielle Cross. Will the relationship last? Will Niall and Dani, today's 'It' couple, be torn apart with the long distance? Find out here, with Hollywood Hit List." The peppy blonde said as she showed a few pictures on the monitor behind her. They were mostly of me and her walking down the street after I had picked her up from school, but I also saw a picture of her in a hoodie at her senior prom, and a fuzzy shot of Dani in her graduation gown. Wow. They were crashing graduation ceremonies now? That is a new type of low.

"They have no idea about our trip to Italy." Zayn said.

"That's good." I said.

"What's good?"

I turned around and saw Dani skip down the stairs. She was wearing a fitted black t shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. Her hair was in loose curls, and she wore a pair of red high tops on her feet.

"It's 10:00 now. We should probably get going. It takes awhile to get into town." she said.

I nodded and the boys and I all got up and headed for the door.

"Where are you guys going?!" Emma cried. She seemed panicked, as if she was worried we were trying to escape or something.

"We'll be back, Emma. It's just a meeting with Mr. Flemming." Dani assured her.

We walked outside, where a limo was patiently waiting for us. How long as that been there?

The ride was pretty uneventful, but Dani was right. If we had left any later, we would have been late. We pulled up to the hotel at 11:50, and took the elevator up to the meeting area. Just as I was about to knock on the door, Dani leaned in, "Another fun fact about me: Mr. Flemming is my guardian, so try to make a good impression. No pressure!"

I gawked at her. No pressure?! Why did she wait until NOW to tell me that I was basically meeting her father?!

The door opened, and I saw Mr. Flemming himself sitting behind a large oak desk. He had salt and pepper hair, and a face that showed wisdom. He looked to be in his late forties or so, and wore a suit. Next to him, I felt horribly under dressed.

"Ah, right on time. You must be the boys in One Direction." Mr. Flemming said with a smile. We nodded.

"Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry. Harry, you must be the boy my Grace has spoken of." Mr. Flemming said. Harry grinned, and Mr. Flemming continued, "And obviously Niall is the one who has taken the heart of my Danielle, am I correct?"

I saw Dani blush, but I smiled, "Yes, sir."

"Excellent. Now that I am up to speed, please have a seat."

We all sat down in the chairs in front of the desk. Mr. Flemming gave us another smile, "I'm sure you are all wondering why I have called you down here, and I would like to get straight to the point. One Direction is an emerging talent. You five boys are topping the charts already, but your manager believes you could do even more. I also believe this. So, your manager contacted me after he found out about Danielle being associated with you. Since I own a TV studio, a magazine company, and a recording studio, we believe that we can get you boys with as much publicity as possible. Therefore, you will have more fans, and more fans will buy more concert tickets, and more CDs and so on."

"So, where do I come into all of this?" Dani asked.

"Well, we need something to broadcast, don't we? We believe that you two's relationship will be a smash hit. All I ask you to do is not hide from the cameras."

Dani sighed, "I guess."

"Wonderful! So, you boys will be staying in Italy for the summer obviously, and I think the girls can spare some room in that house, right?"

Dani nodded slowly and Mr. Flemming clapped his hands together, "Perfect. Now, off you go!"

Louis, Harry, and Zayn bolted to the door and were gone within two seconds. Dani stood up and squeezed my hand, "I wonder what the girls are going to think about this. All four of them shacked up with their favourite band. I wonder how many screams we will hear when we get home. And I also wonder how this is all going to work."

I grinned, "I think it will be fine. Just you, me, Grace, Emma, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Sam, Macy, and Liam."

She laughed, "Yep. Just the 10 of us."
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