What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

Dani has been supporting her best friend's obsession with the latest guy trends since they were 7. From the Jonas Brothers to Justin Bieber, Dani had heard it all. Dani had never been much to follow the crowd, and never really paid much attention to the latest boy bands. All she knew were the names.
Well, Grace's newest obsession is a little band called One Direction. Dani is constantly hearing about tour dates, concerts, and interviews, but had never heard their music or seen their pictures. Just another boy band, right?
But when Dani unknowingly meets one of the famous band members, her life is changed forever. Especially when she finds out that her summer will also be effected. Will her lack of interest in the band continue, or will she open up to the new atmosphere?


3. Date

Dani's POV

For some reason, Niall put on a pair of sunglasses and put the hood of his hoodie up. Why did he do that? It's pretty warm here at night, and it's too dark for sunglasses.

I brushed it off and followed him outside, where a limo was waiting for us. My mouth fell open. I was used to riding around in limos, but I hadn't expected that Niall was too.

He opened the door for me and I smiled as I got in. I wonder where we're going?

Niall got in after me and immediately took off his glasses and hood. I found this odd, but still didn't question it.

The limo pulled away from the curb, and the driver turned on the radio. A song I had only heard on Grace's ring tone began playing and I laughed, "My friend loves this song."

"What Makes You Beautiful?" Niall asked. The name sounded familiar, so I nodded.

"Ya, she's a huge One Direction fan. I've never listened to their music, though. She has this as her ring tone."

"Do you not like them?" Niall asked. For some reason, he looked kind of worried.

I shrugged, "I don't know. I've never really been one to follow trends. I mean, everyone at my school thinks it's weird that I don't know what Justin Bieber looks like, but I've never really been bothered, you know? I'm sure One Direction is just like all the rest."

Niall nodded, looking a bit...relieved? I guess so. I wonder why...

"How about you? Are you a Directioner?" I teased.

Niall grinned, "I guess you could say that."

I laughed just as the song finished. I hadn't noticed the limo had stopped until Niall opened the door. I stepped out and realized we were at the beach. I smiled. Thank God I chose not to wear the dress.

Niall had his sunglasses and hood on again. I gave him a curious look, but he didn't say anything. He just wrapped his arm around my shoulder and lead me through the cave to the private part of the beach. We walked a small ways down the beach before he stopped and sat down on the sand.

"Pizza?" he asked as he took a box out from behind his back.

"How did I not-?" I shook my head, "You know what? Never mind."

Niall put down his hood and tossed his sunglasses to the side as he opened the box of pizza. I smiled at sat down beside him.

Suddenly, I heard the buzzing noise of a phone on vibrate. Niall took out an iPhone and looked at the number.

"It's my mates. Want to say hi?" Niall asked. I smiled and shrugged. Why not?

Niall accepted the FaceTime invitation, and suddenly there were 4 guys on the screen.

"HEY NIALLER!!!" They all screamed at the same time. I laughed and rested my head on Niall's shoulder.

"Hey guys. This is Dani." Niall said, pointing to me as he said my name.

"Damn it! She IS pretty!" one of them said, although I couldn't tell which one.

"Shut up, Lou." Niall said.

"It's okay. I don't mind being pretty." I teased.

I took out my phone while Niall and his friends bickered a little bit. I looked up and smiled, "Which one of you is Harry?"

"That would be me.The one and only. Why? Don't you recognize me?" the curly haired one said.

"Should I?" I asked.

The boy with olive skin snickered and I held my phone up to the camera. On it was a picture I had taken with Grace last summer. It was the two of us posing back to back underneath the Disneyland sign.

"That's Grace." I said, pointing to my blonde BFF.

"Daaaaamn!" Harry said with a smile.

"Harry, you can get her name and number later." Niall said.

"Fine." he grumbled.

Niall laughed, "That is of course Harry," he said, pointing to his face on screen, "And there's Liam, Zayn, and Louis."

"Hey!" I said, waving to them.

"So, guys. Why did you call?" Niall asked.

"Just checking to make sure she's real, Nialler." Louis teased.

"Kay, see you guys later!" Niall said, turning his phone off.

I smiled. Niall WAS different.


Niall's POV

We literally talked for hours. It was awesome.

Dani seriously had no idea who I was, so I was able to really be myself around her instead of what the fans want me to be.

I found out a lot about her too. Apparently she actually came from a lower class family, and her best friend Grace was actually the stinking rich one. The words came easy, and the stories I told her about the boys made her laugh. I really enjoyed hanging out with her.

When she told me she was tired, we left the beach and I dropped her off in front of her apartment. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before she disappeared inside.

I don't think I could wipe the smile off my face even if I wanted to.

The second I got back to the hotel, I heard a crash come from the kitchen. I ran to the source and found Louis, Harry, and Zayn standing over a pot that had fallen off the stove. Boiling water and uncooked pasta was all over the floor.

"Hey Niall! How did your date go?" Louis asked.

"Uh...fine..." I said, deciding to leave the macaroni alone.

"I'm guessing she still doesn't know?" Zayn asked.

"Not a clue. It's weird, since her friend is a big fan."

"The hot one?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Yes, the hot one."


"You know, you should probably tell her that you are Niall Horan from One Direction." Liam said as he came into the room, "You don't want her finding out a different-WHAT DID YOU DO, LOUIS?!"

Louis shrugged, "We got hungry. But, anyway, I think I agree with Liam on this one. I mean, only if you really like this girl of course."

"Ya, I guess you're right. Maybe she can meet you guys? It might make the news a bit easier if it's not just me." I asked hopefully.

"Ya, sure Nialler." Harry said as he walked out of the kitchen, patting a still shocked Liam on his way out.
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