What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

Dani has been supporting her best friend's obsession with the latest guy trends since they were 7. From the Jonas Brothers to Justin Bieber, Dani had heard it all. Dani had never been much to follow the crowd, and never really paid much attention to the latest boy bands. All she knew were the names.
Well, Grace's newest obsession is a little band called One Direction. Dani is constantly hearing about tour dates, concerts, and interviews, but had never heard their music or seen their pictures. Just another boy band, right?
But when Dani unknowingly meets one of the famous band members, her life is changed forever. Especially when she finds out that her summer will also be effected. Will her lack of interest in the band continue, or will she open up to the new atmosphere?


11. Beach Day

Dani's POV

When we got to the beach, Louis jumped straight into the water, and Harry wasn't far behind. I laughed as Harry waved at us, but suddenly tripped and fell into the waves.

Zayn and Liam shrugged and ran in as well, and Niall looked as if he wanted to join them.

I laid out my towel between Grace and Sam before sitting down on it. Sam was reading her latest sci-fi novel, while Grace and Emma were suntanning. Macy was more interested in the sand, and was picking it up and letting it run through her fingers.

"Well?" Niall said expectantly.

"Well what?" I asked.

"Are you coming?"

I looked out to the water and remembered the freezing temperature from this morning. I shuddered, "No, I'm good."

"Come on! We're at the BEACH!! Meaning we have fun!" Niall cried.

"I am having fun."

"You're sitting on a towel. How can that possibly be fun?"

I rolled my eyes, "You go out there! I'm staying here!"

Niall made a face as if he was thinking about it, before he shook his head, "No, you're coming in the water."

I scoffed, "You wouldn't."

He took that as an invitation and grabbed my waist, tossing me over his shoulder like I was a sack of flower. I screamed and laughed at the same time as Niall took my resisting body deeper into the ocean. When the water was up to his shoulders, I was let down. My body submerged into the cool water and I screamed. Niall was howling with laughter, so I splashed him in the face with salt water.

"Oh, it's on."


Grace's POV

I grinned as Niall jogged into the ocean with a laughing Dani bouncing on his shoulder. They were so cute.

I looked around myself and let out a happy sigh. I was currently sitting on the beach. In Italy. With my four best friends. And ONE FREAKING DIRECTION!! And that's not even the best part. I WAS ALLOWED TO STARE AT THEIR AMAZING ABS WITHOUT BEING CALLED CREEPY!!!! EEEEEE!!!!!

I watched Niall take Dani deeper into the water and suddenly got an idea. I took out my phone and stared recording. Through the screen, I saw that my best friend had finally been let go, and was in the middle of a full fledged splashing war with Niall Horan. She laughed and he pulled her closer, finally planting a kiss on her lips. I laughed and turned the camera towards my friends.

"Don't they make such a cute couple?!" I cried.

"Totally cute." Sam said, "I knew Dani would find someone someday. I just didn't expect it to be a celebrity."

"I know, right? I told her she was hot. But did she believe me? Not once." I said as I pointed the camera back towards Niall and Dani for a few more seconds. I uploaded the video onto twitter and wrote: 'Day at the beach with 1D. Dani's having fun!'

"So, what's the news on you and Harry?" Emma suddenly asked.

I could feel my cheeks go hot, but I shook my head, "I doubt he's interested. I mean, he could have any girl he wants."

"So, why not you?" Sam asked.

"Because I'm not perfect. Not by a long shot. I mean, I'm pretty, but that's the only thing I have. I'm not smart, I'm not that sensitive-"

"You are with Dani." Emma interrupted.

"But I'm not like Dani! She's the perfect girl. Pretty, smart, caring-" Emma raised an eyebrow and I quickly corrected myself, "-at certain times, anyway. She's mysterious, talented, and perfect. Everyone loves Dani. Well, everyone on her good side anyway. She's my sister, and I love her too, I mean, who wouldn't? But she's so hard to compete with, you know?"

"You shouldn't have to compete with her, Grace." Sam said.

"I don't! It's just, I know Harry won't be interested in me, because he's met her. He knows there's better people in the world than me."

"Grace, don't talk like that." Macy suddenly said, "I've been watching you two closely. He keeps glancing at you as if he wants to say something, but doesn't have the courage. He likes you, so shut up."

I sighed, "You might be right."

"She is right!" Sam said as she got to her feet, "So, are you guys coming in?"

"You're going in the water?" Emma said as if Sam had suggested we jump off Mt. Everest.

"Why not? Like Niall said, we came here to have fun. I can read my book anywhere, but we only get so much time on the coast of Italy!"

I rolled my eyes, "Go ahead. I don't like getting wet."

"You're such a pussycat." Sam said before she charged into the waves. The boys cheered and she immediately stopped, but I could tell she was smiling even with her back towards me.

I smiled too. Sam was such a sweet girl. She deserves to be noticed.

"HOW ON EARTH DID YOU CATCH THAT?!" I suddenly heard Louis yell. I looked to where he was standing and saw him and Niall bent over to look at something in Dani's hands. It was probably a fish. Dani can be very quiet when she wants to be, and is wicked fast.

I heard Niall laugh as Dani threw the small fish at Louis' face. Louis screamed a very un-manly screech and jumped back.

When Dani stopped laughing, she suddenly ran out of the water and slipped on her flip flops. I raised an eyebrow as she headed back up to the house.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I'll be right back." was all she said.

I looked back out to the ocean and saw Sam standing near the boys. Yes, NEAR. Not actually talking to them. She was always the shy one.

Zayn seemed to notice this and waved her over to where Harry and Liam were throwing tiny rocks at each other. She smiled and slowly made her way to the spot between Zayn and Louis.

"If Sam were more confident, she would be like a nicer Dani." I said to Macy and Emma.

"Yep. Smart, pretty, but shy. It's her flaw. Everyone has one." Macy said.

"Oh really? Everyone has a flaw?" I asked.

Macy nodded, "Of course."

"What are the biggest flaws of the five of us then?" Emma asked.

"I'd rather not say."

"Come on!"

"Na. You don't want to know."

I rolled my eyes just as I heard footsteps jogging down the mountain. Dani reappeared on the beach, but this time there was a surf board in her hands.

"The Beach Princess has returned." I teased. Dani grinned and took off her shoes before lying down on her board and paddling out into the water.

"I TOTALLY WANT TO SEE THIS!!" Harry cried as he watched Dani go farther and farther out.

"BE CAREFUL!!" Niall called. Dani gave us a thumbs up and turned her board around just as a larger wave came. She was quickly standing up, doing tricks, and showing off like she always does. I didn't mind if she showed off a bit with her surfing. She really was the best in Beverly Hills.

Suddenly, a huge wave started coming up to the shore at an alarming rate. Dani didn't see it in time, and suddenly disappeared from view. When the ocean settled again, she was nowhere to be seen.


Dani's POV

Is this what drowning feels like? Because if so, it freaking sucks.

I had no idea which way was up. My mind went fuzzy and I opened my eyes. The salt water hurt at first, but I blinked and the pain slowly subsided. My lungs were filling with water, and I was fading quickly. I needed air!

My muscles were sore and I felt so tired all of a sudden.I stopped thrashing and allowed the current to push me lightly.

The last thing I saw was a figure dive into the waves above me. Then, everything went black.
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