Rising Stars

Amelia was desperate to get away from her drab town in America, so that's what she did. Her father was deceased and she collected income from his social security every month. Gretchen, her retched mother, was constantly drunk. It wasn't hard for her to sneak away to England with the money she had stowed away. Everything's going splendid other than her lack of employment. That is- until a boy by the name of Harry ruins everything with his perfection. He's all she has but will she be able to hold on to him?


1. Cold Coffee

I graciously handed the cashier the exact amount before she looked back at me with a toothy smile. Knowing the drill I moved to the corner of the room as all the tables were taken. 

I pulled out my phone knowing I'd be here a while seeing as it's so packed. Unfortunately I was in the part of London that has only one of everything. If you wanted Starbucks this was the only place you would find it. I don't mind really, I had no where to go which is both peaceful and terrifying. 

Peaceful for the obvious reasons such as: not worrying about being late, sleeping always, doing things on my schedule.

Then at the same very intense because: I have no job - therefore no money, boredom, no money, no friends, and no money.

Lost in thought I hadn't realized someone had been trying to grasp my attention. I shook my head out of its clouded state to look up and see the most beautiful curls ever placed on a boy-or girl- ever. I panned my vision down to see his face was equally as entrancing. It then occurred me he had been speaking.

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I must be out of it today. Would you mind repeating?" I asked trying to sound innocent. He chuckled at my stupidity. I blushed furiously. 

"No problem, I just brought you your drink. White hot chocolate for..." He turned the cup to read the writing, "Amelia?" I nodded trying to figure out where I had heard that voice before. 

Lost in thought once more, he continued to draw me back.

"They called for you and I vaguely  remember you waiting in front of me ordering something peculiar so I just thought after you just stood here...." Color crossing his face as well now. I could feel the embarrassment washing over me. I nodded in thanks ready to run away from the whole situation and reached for my drink as he puled it away.

He gave me a look that I knew very well. I muttered thanks and he smiled placing my drink in my hand, accidentally slushing a few drops out onto my top.

"Shit." We both muttered at the same time causing us to laugh. It wasn't much but the curly haired boy insisted on getting my a towel from the manager.

"Can you even do that?" I asked nervous. I always got like this asking for anything from a stranger.  If ever I was shopping and couldn't find something I'd convince myself I didn't need it rather than asking for help.

Not that I refused help when it was offered, I am just socially awkward and don't like strangers. This one in particular was growing on me though. Maybe it was time he wasn't a stranger anymore.

"May I ask your name?" I inquired as he caught the attention of a worker. He just chuckled and signaled for me to wait a moment as he asked the same lady who took our orders for a towel. 

"Right away Mr. Styles." Her voice was bubbling over with excitement. 

He turned to me and simply stated, "Harry." With an amused expression on his face.

I realized two things at that moment. This boy in front of me was big-time famous singer, Harry Styles, and I had let my coffee get cold.

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