The One That Got Away

Miranda Hills will always be the girl who left Jace Morris. After being with jace for two years, until the day at a party she walked in to the room where jace and his "Slut" Gina Salazar were having their mouth to mouth session on the bed. After Miranda caught Jace cheating on her she thought to herself she needed to move on, and once school let out she'd move away and get settled and get a great job. After high school 3 years later when Jace is 23, Jace moves from his home state to New york. Where he applies for a fashion manager job, he finds Miranda. And the feelings that he once had, and the guilt that has slowly been trying to leave him, Come back. What will Jace do? Will he leave Miranda alone or get what he wants? Even if it annoys her to shreds.


1. Spreading The Word

The One That Got Away - Katy Perry

Chapter 1 

Spreading The Word.

"Oh my god, I got a text from Zack!"Amanda Mitchell screamed, jumping up from the lunch table in excitement.

Amanda was and had been my best friend since pre-school. She had long brownish hair and hazel eyes with green flecks. She had the skinniest body ever, with curves in the right places and all the girls were jealous of her amazing looks. Her personality is absolutely great, as she's funny and kind. I admired her for it.

She was always happy or excited about something and a straight 'A' student. Most guys always found her appealing, didn't matter where; school, the mall, and, most often, parties. But when it came to her best friend, she wold definitely be there for me. Didn't matter what the problem was, she'd cheer you up before you could learn how to clap as a kid.

I looked over at her while sipping my juice.

"And why does it matter if you get a text from Zach?" I smiled, knowing the answer as I put my juice down, some of my blonde hair laying on the table.

I'm Miranda Hills. I have long blonde hair the goes straight to my waist and dark blue eyes. My body isn't anywhere near as perfect as Amanda's, but I still have a pretty good figure. Amanda has the kind of figure the girls who starve themselves want. Dieting, I think, is beyond ridiculous, unless you're like completely fat. Eating healthy and regular trips to the gym is what those stupid girls need.


"Because he's having the biggest party of the year!" My boyfriend, Jace Morris, answered for Amanda.

You see, Jace is my boyfriend, and the best if I may add. He's like any other boyfriend should be: he supports me on big tests, he buys me gifts on the special holidays like Valentines Day and Christmas, etc. Jace has the deepest set of eyes, which are a dark ocean blue. He has this adorable floppy hair too, which is a hazel brown.

"Zach's having a party!" I exclaimed.

"Yep! It's this Saturday. Oh, what am I gonna wear?" Amanda squealed, obviously not caring if she broke someones eardrum.

Zach is known for his wild parties, as they're the best ones of the year. So, if you get invited, my best advice for you would to go. Zack and Jace are like best mates and they cannot be separated which I think is adorable. Zach has brown eyes and brown hair that he always fixes back to make himself look hot.

It works though! The girls at his party always circle him, like vultures getting whats theirs. He loves the attention when it's on him and he's an tremendous player. A player who I think has a crush on Amanda.

"I love Zach's parties, they're the absolute best!" I commented, grinning happily.

"Yeah, they're crazy. I wonder where that insane boy is now," Jace smirked, looking around the cafeteria.

"Not sure, but I'll be right back," I muttered giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"Okay, hurry back," he grinned jokingly.

I nodded my head in response. I got up and walked to the trash can, when some one bumped into me. Oh great, the Queen of our school, Gina Salazar.

Gina Salazar is the schools' most popular girl and the biggest slut too. I used to be off her radar map until Jace became my boyfriend. She has the biggest crush on Jace (except it's not a crush since everyone knows about it!) and would do anything to get him. Gina has medium dark brown hair and her eyes are chocolate brown. And as you can probably guess, guys are attracted to her.

"Walk much?" She sneered,

"Shut it, slutty!" I spat out - quite literally, considering some of the spit on her face.

"Whatever, and ew! Did you hear about Zach's party?" Gina reached for a tissue and wiped the spit off as I smirked.

"As a matter of fact I did," I replied, grinning.

"Good. By the way, if I were you, I'd watch Jace very carefully," She snarled, with a smirk of her own.

I rolled my eyes and went to dump my trash. Then I finally made it back to my seat. I looked over at Amanda texting away on her phone, and Jace finishing his lunch.


When the bell finally rung, I walked away from Amanda and Jace, leaving them to go to their classes. I had two classes to go to until the day was over, History and Math. I hated both classes with passion. With maths I hate how you have to do X=Y and all that confusing algebra. In History, I don't see why we should learn what happened in the past! It's over now people.

I walked through the hallways, trying to reach my locker, without getting tumbled on. To my surprise, I made it to my locker safe and sound. As I was opening my locker and getting the Proper Materials that I'd need for both of my classes, I overheard something that I probably wasn't meant to hear.

"You know, Gina is going to try so hard to get Jace alone, in Zach's room," Brittnay exclaimed giggling.

Brittany Robertson was obviously a wanna be Gina, with her dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. But Brittany was way more snobby.

"Really? I bet Gina could show Jace what a good time is, not like the ones he's had with Miranda," A girl I didn't recognise laughed.

"Totally!" Brittany agreed.

I slammed my locker door shut, getting a few glances from people. All I did was roll my eyes and stomp off to History class. I could see Jace already in the back, saving me a spot. I smiled widely at him and took my seat, silently thanking him. After the teacher explained what we had to do, a note was tossed on my desk.

I quickly looked up to see the direction it came from. Gina was smiling and had a smirk on her face. When she saw me looking at her, she waved at me. Talk about strange!

I opened the note to see only two words.

Watch Out.

I looked back in her direction and flipped her the bird. She looked shocked, but quickly replaced her shocked face with a smirk. I looked down and began my assignment. I could feel her eyes burning holes in the back of my head but, I finished in time and gave it to my teacher to grade. I sat down and put my head on my desk waiting for the boring lesson to end.

* Another Loud Ring*

Class was finally over! I sighed in relief; one more annoying class and then I'd be done. I gathered my things and saw Gina was already gone, which made me quite happy.

I was about to leave when Jace blocked me from going out the door.

"Is something bothering you?" He asked sweetly, looking worried.

"Nope," I replied, popping the p.

"Are you sure? You've been quite quiet and you're a chatty person," He half-teased, giving me a smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry Jace, I guess I'm just tired. Nothing to worry about," I told him, giving him a kiss before I left for Math.

Leaving him there standing there thinking hard, I walked in to math class sitting in my seat by the back window. I put my notebook and my Math book on my desk. Glancing up, I saw Amanda walk in, who looked at me and grinned.

"Hey Miranda!" she muttered, so the teacher wouldn't hear her.

"Hey!" I mumbled back, with a big cheeky grin on my face.

"Want to go buy a dress with me tomorrow after school, for Zach's party?" She whispered, smiling.

"Sure, I have nothing better to do." I murmured.


I watched Amanda get her Materials out on her desk as well, and saw how unorganised she was. For the lesson all we had to do was draw charts and legends and I was done with the assignment before the bell rung. I walked up and handed it to the teacher, who was grading Math tests. I walked back to my seat and sat down waiting to go.

And then!

*Yet Another Loud Ring*

Tuesday is completed! 3 more days till the party, the one thing that actually brightened my day up today. I dumped my books in my bag and said my goodbyes to Amanda. I wanted to get out of here before I see Jace and he asks more questions. Which I really don't want right now. What I want is to just go home and watch a movie (HEAVEN!.

I left my math class and headed to the parking lot, attempting to find my car. I had a fully white suburban, that looked like a box car, but wasn't. I found my car, unlocked the doors and placed my bag in the front seat.

I started the car and was about to back out of the parking space, when my phone buzzed, notifying me I had a text.

I opened it up to see it was just a forward.

"Fwd: Zach's having a party the Saturday every ones invited! Forward around!"

I rolled my eyes and then I got another text. I opened it to see it was from Jace.

"I love you."

This actually made me smile and I replied back saying:

"I love you 2."

I chucked my phone in my bag and started backing out again. Heading to the road and turning right, I listened to some songs for ten minutes. Despite the long day, I smiled as I pulled into my drivewayand killed the engine.

Grabbing my bag and jumping out, I grinned. I shut my door and locked the car. I walked in to see my mom on the couch watching some comedy movie and my dad asleep on the chair.

"Honey, I'm home," I muttered.

My mom, who didn't seem to notice me come in, sat up and smiled.

"How was school?" She questioned, probably not caring unless something exciting happened.

"Great!" I answered, faking a grin at the mention of school.

"That's good honey! Want anything to eat?" She asked me, getting up to make me something to eat.

"No thanks, I'm fine for now. I'm just going to go upstairs and do my homework," I told her.

"Alright," She muttered, returning her gaze to the TV.

I was about to go upstairs when I heard this big snore. I looked at my dad and so did my mom whilst we laughed. I went upstairs to my room and took my shoes off. Placing my bag on my chair and crawling into my bed, I thought about everything that had happened today. Eventually, I must've fallen asleep.

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