You're my Kyptonite.

A 17 teen year old me, just wishing to go to a very expensive 3 week camp, little did I know it would turn my life upside down!


3. Meeting Niall.

I woke up to the sound of the alarm I had set. I saw another door. I opened it, there was a bathroom. I hopped into the shower and washed my hair, face and body. I brushed my teeth. I walked into my room and changed into some clothes. I put on some tennis shoes, grabbed my key and walked out of my room. I saw activities going on everywhere. Archery, rock climbing, swimming and canoeing. Canoeing allows you to see the music group. I decided to canoe. I got into the boat and paddled over to the small island with a stage set on it. I shuffled to the front of the crowd. 10 minutes later, 5 boys, Irish/British, walked on stage. It was one direction! They sang and rocked out all day. At the end of the concert, I reached for their hands. Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me onstage. He kept hold of my hand and walked me off stage and onto a pretty big boat. Not the wooden canoe I rode over to the island.  Once I sat down, Niall sat down next to me and said, "so, how are you!" I smiled and looked at him. "I'm, really happy. I'm a big fan of you guys." I said. He smiled, the cutest smile ever. "here, come met the boys." he said. He grabbed my hand and led me over to the other part of the room. He sat me down.  I said hi to all of the boys and introduced myself. We talked until the boat stopped. We stood up and walked off the boat. There Was railing around the exit way. 100s of fans were lining the rails. Niall looked at me and said, "So do you want to go to my cabin and watch a movie?" he had an adorable accent. "uh, sure, when?" I said holding his hand. "just drop by at 6. I'm in lavender, 310." he replied. I nodded. Once we arrived at lavender, I walked left and he walked right. I grabbed my key and unlocked my room door. I turned the handle and walked in. I thought to myself, I better look good. So I fancied up. 
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