You're my Kyptonite.

A 17 teen year old me, just wishing to go to a very expensive 3 week camp, little did I know it would turn my life upside down!


5. First kiss

Chap 5.  I woke up and put on my swimming suit. I put a tee and shorts on over it. I put on my flip flops and saw niall waiting out side. "oh hey stranger!" I giggled and hugged him. I looked at him. His hair was side swept how I like it, he still smells like Armani mania. He's wearing a "STOP! It's bieber time" shirt and swimming trunks and flip flops. He grabbed my hand and we walked over to the canoes. We picked up a red one and threw it in the water. Niall led me into the canoe. "Ladies first!" he smiled. I sat down and he grabbed the paddles and started paddling. "So, listen, are we friends or best friends or..." I said. He smiled and said "Trust me you'll know soon." I smiled back and grabbed the other two paddles and helped him. We paddled to a small island a little far from camp. We got off the canoe. "wow, nialler, this place is so beautiful." I said, admiring the flowers and soft rich sand. "yeah, I found the place out last summer with the boys." he said. "oh, you were here last summer?" I asked. He nodded. He took off his shirt and shoes. I took off my covers and flip flops. I put my hair in a high bun. I slowly slipped into the water. He got to the edge of the canoe that was facing the water and jumped in. It was about 4 feet where he jumped in. I swam out a little farther towards him. He picks me up like a baby in the water and we played colors. "blue?" I asked, I plugged my nose. He flipped me over. I got it on the first time. I only chose the color of his swim trunks. We swam and played in the sand all day. When the stars came out, we dried off and put on our clothes. I laid out a picnic blanket. We sat on it and talked for what seemed like hours. "it's getting late. How bout we go get back to the site? " he asked. "sure." I replied. We hopped back into the canoe and paddled back. he walked me to my room. We were standing in front of the door, when he hugged me. He passionately kissed me. "see you later babe" he said as he walked away to go to his room.  I pushed myself against the door and caught my breath. I opened my door and got into bed. This was our best date yet.
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