You're my Kyptonite.

A 17 teen year old me, just wishing to go to a very expensive 3 week camp, little did I know it would turn my life upside down!


4. First date.

I was wearing a tank top and my favourite pink jacket. I was wearing some acid wash capris and my favorite converse. My hair was in a high ponytail and I put on my favorite perfume. I grabbed my key and put it in my pocket. I walked out of the room and walked over to Niall's cabin. I knocked on the door.  Niall opened it. He hugged me. He smelled like Armani mania. I walked into his room. It was three times the size of mine, with a flatscreen, DVD player and cable box. We sat down on the recliner couch. I took off my shoes and sat down with him. He had the air conditioning blasted, so it was really cold. He probably noticed, so he grabbed a blanket and laid it over us. "so, what movie do you want to watch?" he said. "Um, I don't know, what do you have?" I replied. He got up and grabbed the only DVD case. Toy story. "Liam brought it, it's the only thing we have." he said. I nodded. "thats okay. I love that movie" he smiled and popped the DVD in. He sat back on to the couch and got back under the blanket. We watched the movie until it came up to when they got lost. He snuggled up closer to me. I kept the excitement inside and snuggled even closer next to him. He put his arm around me. This was a competition! Once the movie ended, we got up. I put my shoes back on and sat onto the couch. "so, wanna go canoeing tomorrow?" he said. I nodded, "sure! That sounds great. Oh one question, why exactly did you pull me on stage?" he walked over to me, held my hands and said, "you caught my eye. I like you. Really" I smiled and gave him a hug. "I'll see you tomorrow. Bye nialler." I said as I walked out the door. I walked back to my room and set out my favorite Purple two piece bathing suit. I changed out of my clothes and into my pajamas. I climbed into bed. I had an amazing day.
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