You're my Kyptonite.

A 17 teen year old me, just wishing to go to a very expensive 3 week camp, little did I know it would turn my life upside down!


2. Camp time.

2 weeks later, and it's time to leave for camp. I grabbed my suitcase and got into the car with my mom. The drive to the campsite itself was about 45 minutes. We drove onto the highway. We saw a sign, made from some aged wood, that read "Camp PineOak, 4 miles away." we finally arrived. We saw a huge building next to a sparkling blue lake.  I got out of the car and said goodbye to my mom. It would be 3 weeks before I would see e again. As I started to walk up to the big building when one of the counsellors came up to me and said, "hi! Welcome to camp Pineoak! Here is your room number." she handed me a slip of paper and walked away. I looked at the slip and saw 306,
                                Ryleigh Meier
I stared at the slip. As I got closer to the big building, I saw four signs. One said lavender, north. Pine, East. Kappa, South.
And Falcon, was west. I kept walking straight. I then saw my room, 306. I turned the handle and walked in. One of the counsellors was standing in there. "oh, I'm sorry I think I might've gotten the wrong room." I said, with my hand still on the handle. "oh no! I'm just here to make sure you get your key. The doors will now be locked." she said, as she handed me a small key. I thanked her and she left. I yawned and looked at my phone. 9:45 pm. I smirked and set my phone on my nightstand. I climbed into bed. 
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