Love... It`s Complicated.

One morning, i`m at Starbucks, getting a coffee when a boy, with the name of Zayn spills coffee on me. Little did I know I would see him again. This time his best friends are there too, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry. They are great singers! They even have a band named One Direction. I think they deserve to be famous... But they are only youtube stars for now. My best friend Lily and I sing too, the boys think we make a great team! But my ex, James doesn`t agree... He broke up with me for another girl... But now he wants me back... What`s going to happend? Is he going to get me back? Or will I fall for someone else?


5. Chapter 5

 "It's too late! You should of thought about that before!" I yelled back. I tried to walk away but he held my wrist tight. "James you’re hurting me! What's your problem All of a sudden?" I yelled. Then Zayn came. "I don’t want to start anything bro but let her go" Zayn said. Then Louis came too. "Just let her go" he said calmly. James let me go and then turned to Louis. He pulled his arm back and punched Louis in the face. "Louis!" I yelled. I saw Zayn become furious, he tried to tackle James. "Louis, are you okay?" I asked worried. He looked up at me and his nose was bleeding. "Oh my God!" I said. “I’m okay” Louis said looking over my shoulder. I then turned around to see James on top of Zayn. "Get off!" I yelled. He punched him in the face. I ran and pushed him off. "James, leave them alone!" I yelled helping Zayn up. He just looked at us exhausted. "Your mine Ryan! I want you back" he said. "You really think I'll take you back now?" I said with tears of rage coming to my eyes. He just looked at me apologetically. "I'm sorry, I was just-" he started. "I don't want to hear it!" I said and started walking away with Zayn and Louis. I felt James stare at us as we walked away… Then I saw Louis get pushed down. James was on top of him. "Get the hell off!" I yelled. I tried pushing him off but this time he was a lot more stable, knowing I would try. He started punching him in the face. "Guys! Help!" I yelled to the others. Harry ran over and tried pushing James off. He was solid. Liam took out his phone with Niall and called the cops. "James get off! Get off!" I yelled crying. "Help!" I started yelling. James was in the wrestling and the boxing team so he was quite strong. "James! Stop why are you suddenly so violent?" I yelled. He was never like this before... "Stop it James! Stop!" I yelled starting to cry. Louis looked like a mess, I felt bad. "James!" I kept yelling. Finally Zayn managed to push him off. They started fighting with Harry in the middle. "Louis!" I yelled. I ran to him, his nose and his lip we're bleeding. "Louis, Oh my God! Are you okay?" I asked. He just looked at me weakly. I helped him sit up. I held him so he wouldn't fall. "Louis, talk to me!" I yelled. I just met these boys today but they felt like my new best friends. "I'm sorry" he whispered. "Why are you sorry? I should be sorry. I should have never danced with u. I didn't think he would do that" I whispered back. "You didn't know" he said. Just then I felt a huge force push me off of Louis. It was James of course. "James! Get the hell away! You have an unfair advantage!" I yelled. Just then I heard the cops arrive. "Help!" I yelled. They came and pulled James off of Louis. I just realized I was still crying. "Young man, you need to come with me" they said. "We're going to need to take you to the station" he said to all 7 of us. "What about Louis? Shouldn't he go to the hospital?" I asked. They gave him a look up and down. "You can get him checked out later, now come on" he said. Zayn came over and helped Louis up with me. We all walked to the cop car. There were 3 of them. Zayn, Louis and I got into one, Lily, Liam and Niall into another and James and Harry together... I wish they wouldn't be together. "Thank you guys for sticking up for me" I said. Then the cop in the passenger seat turned to us. "What happened?" he asked. "James, the guy who was punching him, is my ex. Louis and I we're dancing together and he was jealous I guess. Then he came over and tried to take me away then Louis and Zayn told him to leave me alone and he started punching Louis then Zayn helped to defend Louis. Then when we walked away he jumped on Louis' back and then Harry and Zayn and i tried to get him off but we couldn't and then Zayn finally did and then Harry helped Zayn defend himself. James is in wrestling and boxing so he is probably a lot stronger than them!" I said really fast. He just looked at me and turned back around. "It's true" Louis said weakly. "We believe you, that James kid as a record for fighting. For the past 2 weeks he's been fighting almost every day" the cops said. I wonder what was up with him. "Oh, he wasn't like that before, when we we're dating" I said. "His girlfriend, Ariana Duvan, is a drug dealer that we're trying to catch" the cop told us. Why was he telling us this? How could James dump me for... A drug dealer? "Oh" was all I managed. “Megan, it’s okay. He’s the one who is missing out” Zayn said smiling to me. I blushed. “Thanks Zayn” I said. He got to the station and we all got out and headed inside. "We already heard these guys part of the story" a cop said. "We're going to need to record it though" another said. He looked at us. "Okay, you come on first since you look like the biggest victim" he said taking Louis. "We will take you two in different rooms too" he said pointing to Harry and Zayn. They got up and left. "Poor Louis, if I wouldn't of danced with him none of this would of happened!" I said. Liam started rubbing my back. "It's not your fault. You and James we're over. Plus you guys didn't know it was dirty dancing" Liam said. "I think we're a going to be great friends... The first day we're together look at everything we've done" I said smiling to him. He smiled back. I looked around... Where were Niall and Lily. "Where are Niall and Lily?" I asked. Liam looked back and shrugged his shoulders. I got up too go look, but as soon as I turned the corner I saw them kissing... Well then. I backed away and headed back to Liam. "Found them" I told Liam coming back to sit down. I saw James across the room starring at us. "Where are they?" he asked. "Kissing" I smiled. He looked at me confused. He got up and went to see when he turned the corner he stopped dead in his tracks and came back. "Oh" he said. James then got up and came and sat with us. "Look, i'm sor-" he started. "James, I don't-" "I'm sorry, I know you don't want to hear it. Ever since I met Ariana she changed me... I don't like what I've become" he said. "One day she gave me a needle without asking and then I kept needing more, and more... I got kicked of the wrestling team and the boxing team for drugs... The only reason why I was her girlfriend was because she would give it to me for free" he said. I just looked at him. "Why didn't you just quit?" I asked. "I don't know" he said. "Ryan, I want you back" he said. I turned to Liam, he looked at me. "I can't take you back... I may of just met these guys today but I feel like they are my best friends already... I can't take you back..." I said. James just looked at me angrily. "You like that Louis guy don't you? Or is it Zayn? " he asked getting mad. "James... Don't" I said. "You do don't you!" he said getting mad. "Calm down. She just met them, she needs to get to know them better" Liam said. "Stay out of it!" James yelled. "He's just sticking up for me James... Something a true friend would do!" I said. He just looked at me. "I think you should go back over there" I said. He got up and walked away. "Thanks Liam" I said and I hugged him. "Hey, what are friends for" he smiled. Just then, Louis, Zayn and Harry came back. I got up to go see them. "Are you guys okay?" I asked. They looked at me and nodded. "Your next" a cop said taking me by the arm. "Where are the other girl and the blond kid?" they asked. "Just around the corner" I said. They nodded to me. The cop dropped me off in a room where there was someone sitting at the table. I smiled to him, but he just looked at me. I sat down. "Tell me what happened?" he asked. "Well, James is my ex... We dated for a year and then he dumped me for Ariana Duvan... So today I decided to go to the fair with my friend Lily and then we met the other boys in the Ferris wheel. Actually I met Zayn at starbucks but you don't need my life story. So after we went to eat we came back and we we're playing this dancing game. I didn't know it was a dirty dancing game but I partnered up with Louis. After the dance James came and told Louis to back off and tried taking me away. Zayn and Louis followed and told him to let me go. Then he punched Louis in the face and Zayn tackled James for it. Then after I pushed James off of Zayn. I helped him up and we started walking away but James jumped Louis from behind. Then he held him down and started punching Louis. Zayn and I couldn't get him off so Harry came to help. Eventually we got him off and Zayn and Harry tackled him. I helped Louis to sit up but then James pushed me off and started punching him again. Then you guys came... James was on the wrestling team and the boxing team" I said. He was just writing as I spoke. "So a jealous ex boyfriend" he said. I nodded. "Did Louis or Zayn so anything to upset James?" he asked. "Well they told him to leave me alone and back of cause he was hurting my wrist from holding it tightly. I looked at my wrist... It was purple! "Can I see" he said noticing me looking at it. I didn't think it was THAT bad. I lifted it up. He looked surprised. "That's just from squeezing it right?" he asked surprised. I nodded. "Thank you, you can leave now" he said. I got up and left. James and Lily we're leaving too. "Did Liam and Niall go?" I asked. Lily looked at me and nodded. James turned and looked at us. I just looked away. When I got there, the others we're talking. I ran up and hugged Louis. "Lou, i'm so sorry" I said. "For what?" he asked. "It's my fault, if I wouldn't-" "It's not your fault" he said. His face was all cut up and full of blood. Then I hugged Zayn and Harry. "Are you guys okay? That was really brave of you's" I said smiling. They we're cut up and bruised too. "Yeah, we're okay" Zayn said smiling. Just then an officer walked in. "What's going on?" I asked. "James is being charged with assault" he said. "What about us?" I asked. "Well... Harry and Zayn are going to have to get charges with assault as well, since he didn't do anything to them" he said. "But wait! James pushed Zayn earlier! And James was on top of Louis punching him in the face and we couldn't get him off so Harry had to come help and then James started tackling them!" I yelled with tears in my eyes. James was watching me with his mouth open. "Why didn't you say this in the interview?" he asked me. "I forgot about that part" I said. I was hoping on my life someone else mentioned it. "Well lucky thing, Louis, Zayn and Harry mentioned it. I just wanted to see if it we're true" he said. "So they won't be charged?" I asked. He shook his head no. "Thank you" Zayn and Harry both said. "You kids may leave" he said. James just starred at us... This won't be the end of it I thought. “Ryan, your wrist!” Zayn said grabbing it. I squirmed a little since it hurt when he did that. “Sorry” he said letting it go. “What happened?” Louis asked worried. “James, when he squeezed it” I said giving him a look. “I didn’t think it was that hard” he said quietly. “It was” I said. “Guys, stop it” the officer said and walked out. “Come on, let’s go” Liam said grabbing my hand and dragging me out of the station. "What time is it?" Louis asked. "11:36" Liam said. "How about that ride on the ferris wheel then! It only closes at 1 a.m and plus our cars are there" Louis said. "Why not" Lily said and we all started walking. "I saw you and Niall" I whispered to Lily. She looked at me and blushes. Niall looked at me, I guess he overheard. "You better take good care of her now, she fragile" I told Niall smiling. He looked at me and smiled. Then I felt someone tug on my arm. It was Louis. "I never got your number" he said smiling to me. "Pass me your phone" I said. He handed it to me and I added my number. "Now, you're never going to lose me" I said giggling. "Good" he said. We finally arrived at the fair. It was beautiful with all the lights and music. "Come on!" Louis said taking my hand. We hurried on the Ferris wheel and all got in. "All the lights and that are beautiful!" Lily said smiling. "Almost, as beautiful as you" Niall told her. She smiled. I looked over at Liam and giggled, he did too. Everyone was confused; they didn't know somebody was in love. We finally get to the top. "It's beautiful" I said looking out over the city. The lights we're amazing. You could see the beach from here. That gave me an idea. "Did you guys ever go out for a midnight swim?" I said. They all looked at me. Zayn looked down at his feet sadly. "He doesn't know how to swim" Louis whispered. "I'm sorry Zayn, I didn't know" I said. "We can go, I just won't go deep that's all" he said. I felt a little bad for saying that now. "I think it would be fun" Liam said. "Me too. We should go" Harry said. Lily looked at me. "What are we going to swim in?" she asked. "Just use your under garments" Louis said with a cheeky smile. "It is like a bikini" I said. "I feel like i've known you guys forever!" Lily smiled. That was a yes! She wouldn’t of usually done this with a random guy she just met today! "So that's a yes?" Niall smiled. She nodded. “You guys are lucky” I said winking to Lily. “Why?” Harry asked a little confused. “Lily, over here, can be a little shy when it comes to things like that with guys… Especially ones she just met” I said with a smile. “Don’t worry, we will keep your secret” Louis said winking. I giggled to him. “Your not shy about showing boys your undergarments?” Harry asked me with a cheeky smile. I looked over at Lily and laughed. “What?” Liam asked. “Well, about a year ago, there was this changing area but anyways two boys ended up stealing our shirts and so we just had our bra’s on. Ryan over here, decided to run after them to get our shirts instead of asking one of our friends. So she ran all over in just her shorts and bra! Lot’s of people video taped her yelling at guys in her purple and pink polka-dotted bra and blue short-short! It was actually pretty funny. But ever since then she hasn’t really been afraid of showing people her undergarments” Lily said laughing. “You actually did that?” Harry asked surprised. “Hey, we needed our shirts back” I said smiling. “I wish I was there, purple and pink polka-dotted bra, sounds pretty sexy” Harry said winking to me. I giggled. “You’re in luck then” I said. He just looked at me. “That’s the one I’m wearing today” I said. Everyone just started laughing. Just then we heard someone crunching. The boys all turned to Niall so I did too, he was eating a bag of popcorn. “Where did you get that?” Liam asked smiling. “I kept it in my bag for him all day” Lily giggled. “Oh Niall” Zayn said smiling. Just then I heard my phone beep: “This isn’t the end of it! You better keep your little boyfriends locked up or else you won’t ever see them again!” it was James. “What’s wrong?” Zayn asked seeing the worried look on my face. “Nothing” I replied and started to put my phone away but Louis took it and red it out loud. They all looked at me. “He is going to jail, we will be safe” Louis said. I nodded trying to smile, but I had a feeling James wouldn’t be there for long… “How about we all stay together tonight… You know if it makes you girls feel better why you don’t come stay at the hotel with us tonight?” Niall said. Lily and I shared an apartment so it’s not like we needed to sneak or anything. “Sure” I said. It made me feel a bit better, I could help defend Louis and Zayn… Louis put his arms around me. “We will be okay, he doesn’t know where we are” Louis said. I gave him a smile and he put his arms back to his side. “Hey!” I said playfully. “What?” Louis asked. “Why did you take your arms away, I like feeling your muscles” I said winking to Louis. He started flexing his arms. “They’re pretty gorgeous eh?” he said smiling. Everyone started laughing. “They are” I said smiling. Louis giggled and then put his arm back beside him. “You guys are adorable together” Liam said smiling. Louis and I looked at each other. “Hey, why do you think we made up Lyan” Louis said winking. I started laughing like a maniac. “Ryan, are you okay?” Zayn said giggling at me. “Yeah, *laugh* I’m *laugh* I’m okay” I said. Everyone started laughing at me. “I’m so glad we met you” Lily said. “I know, maybe it was a good thing that I spilled coffee on you” Zayn said winking at me. “We only actually started talking once we got into the Ferris wheel, the coffee thing didn’t need to happen” I said smiling. “I’m sorry though” Zayn said. “It’s okay, I shouldn’t of stopped like that, Lily called… So it’s actually all Lily’s fault! She called my name causing me to stop” I said winking at her. “It is!” Zayn said with a smile. “It is not!” she said playfully. We all laughed. I love these guys so much! “You guys have to get out now” the guy opened the door while saying this. “Oh, sorry” Liam said and then we all got out.  “You guys want to go the beach now?” Harry asked. “Sure, let’s go” I said. “You guys can hope in with us again” Zayn said. “We will come back for your cars” Liam added. We both nodded and Niall took Lily’s hand so I just followed Louis. Zayn got in the driver’s seat and Harry got in the passenger seat, Louis came in back with me. “Lou, why do you have to sit in the middle?” Zayn asked. “I like looking out the window” he said putting his head up high. I giggled and got in and closed the door. The beach was a good 30 minutes away. I looked at the time it was almost 12. “This is going to be great” Louis said excitedly. “I know Purple and pink polka-dots” Harry said winking at me. I giggled, I felt my eyes getting a little heavy so I put my head on the car door. “Isn’t that a little uncomfortable?” Louis asked. I looked up at him and nodded my head. He put his arm around “I may be very muscular but I am also a great pillow” he said smiling. I giggled and put my head on his shoulder, I noticed Zayn look at us in the mirror but as soon as he saw me looking he looked away. My eyes started to feel heavy and I felt Louis start to play in my hair. “Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep my little Ryan. Don’t you cry, don’t you cry, because Louis is by your side” he sang softly to me. I smiled a bit while I closed my eyes. “My mom use to sing that me when I was little” I said softly and I opened my eyes a little. I noticed Louis smiling then I closed them again. “Go to sleep, we will wake you when we get there” I heard Zayn say. After that, I quickly fell asleep. “Love, were here” Louis said while petting my hair. I opened my eyes to see that we were on the beach. I sat up and fixed my hair. “You ready to go swimming?” Louis asked smiling. I nodded and got out of the car. “Come on Ryan!” I heard Harry yell. Everyone was standing on the beach. “Did you have a good nap?” Zayn asked smiling. I smiled and nodded. “Who’s going first?” Harry asked. “ME!” Louis yelled and took his shirt and then his pants leaving on his boxers and then he ran in. “Guys! The water is really warm come on!” Louis yelled. I looked down the beach, it was empty tonight. Next Liam and Niall stripped down to their boxers and ran in. “It is guys! Come on!” Niall yelled. Harry hurried up and then ran in. Zayn and Lily looked a little nervous. “It’s okay, I’ll be right here” I said smiling. They both smiled to me. I took off my shirt and then I heard Harry whistle. “Shut up!” I yelled playfully. He giggled and the dove under. “Just like a bikini” I told Lily. She looked at me and then took off her shirt too. “See, it isn’t so bad” I said. She looked at me and then took off her pants and ran in. “Go Lily” Niall yelled. I giggled and then took off my pants. “Come on Zayn” I said. He looked at me nervous. “I’ll go in with you” I said. He smiled and then got undressed. “Come on” I said walking in beside him; he got up to his chest. Then I felt someone pull me from behind. I started giggling and then turned around to see Louis. “You’re so silly” I said giggling. He laughed and kept pulling me. “Where are you taking me?” I asked. “Away! I’m going to lock you up and you will never see the others again” Louis said in an evil tone. I started laughing. “I’ll save you!” Liam yelled. I giggled as he swam over. “Never fear! Liam is here” he said. I laughed at his saying and then Louis let go of me. “You aren’t taking her!” he said. Everyone was in the background laughing. “Oh no! Liam save me!” I said giggling. “No way, your mine!” Louis said grabbing me by the waist from behind. “I’m coming Ryan!” Liam said smiling and he grabbed my arms. “Liam, she is mine!” Louis said. I started laughing like crazy, I heard everyone else laughing too. Then Liam finally got me free. “Swim Ryan!” he yelled playfully. I started running throw the water. “Ryan, I’ll get you!” I heard Louis yell. I then ran to Zayn and hid behind him. “Protect me Zayn” I giggled. He laughed and then put his hands on his hips and stuck out his chest. “Louis, stop!” Zayn said. He stopped right in front of him. “You are not getting Ryan” he said with a smile on his face. “Why not?” Louis said. “She disappeared” Zayn said. “Ryan! Come out, come out wherever you are!” Louis yelled. I started giggling. “I can hear you” he said, I could picture the smile on his face. Just then I felt someone grab my waist. “Got you!” I heard Louis say. “Zayn, you were suppose to protect me” I said. He turned around to me and smiled. “Louis is too good for me” he said laughing. “Okay there love birds, let’s go for a swim!” Harry said with a smile. Louis let go and we all headed towards Harry. “Nice bra” Harry said winking. I giggled and turned to Zayn. “Are you coming?” I asked Zayn. He shook his head no. “Just come a bit deeper with me, please” I said. He just looked at me and then the water. “For me” I said with a smile. “Fine, but only for you” he said. He walked over to me and came up to the middle of his neck with me. “Are you okay?” I asked him. He nodded his head and looked a little worried. I started to swim out to join the others keeping my eyes on Zayn. “Are you sure?” I asked. He looked at me and smiled. “I am sure” he said. I kept swimming out until I bumped into someone. “Sorry” I said turning around. It was Louis, he smiled at me. “Hey there” he said. “Hi Louis” I said. “What are you up too?” he asked. “Just swimming, what about you?” I said smiling. “Me too, me too” he said smiling. I giggled and started to swim away. “Want to be my swimming buddy?” he asked. “You’re what?” I said giggling. “My swimming buddy, you know so we don’t get lonely when we swim” he said smiling. “I guess so” I replied. “YAY” he said really loud. I then decided to start floating on my back to look up at the stars. “There so beautiful” I said. Louis copied me. “They are” he said smiling. “You’re supposed to do that in the sand so then when you look at each other to kiss you don’t get a mouth full of water” Harry shouted out. We both looked at him and shook our heads and smiled. I then turned back to Zayn to see him talking with Lily and Niall. “Does Zayn not like water?” I asked. “He used to be scared of it… Until he met us, then we kind of made him unscarred” Louis said smiling. “Oh, I see” I said still looking at him. “Louis, I think your girlfriend is checking someone out” Harry whispered, not thinking I could hear him. “I am not checking Zayn out” I said turning back. Harry blushed as I said that. “She is not my girlfriend either, silly.” Louis said smiling. Just then I felt someone splash me from behind. “Got you!” I heard Liam yell. “You ruined my hair! That’s it, it’s on” I said playfully, then splashed him. We started having a splashing war, we slowly made our way back to where we could touch. Then Louis came in between us. “Guys, guys, stop it” he said putting both of his hands out. I looked over at Liam and he smiled and nodded, then we both started splashing Louis. “I’ll save you BooBear!” Harry yelled and started splashing us too. We we’re all laughing and having a good time. “Come on Lily” I yelled, and then Louis splashed me in the face. “You need to save me Lily” I yelled again laughing. She smiled and came over and splashed Louis. “Oh no you didn’t” Louis said in a girly voice and then splashed her back. “You did NOT just splash my girl” Niall smiled and then join in too. We were all laughing and having a wonderful time, then I looked over at Zayn to see him alone… I secretly escaped the war and walked over to him. “You don’t want to join?” I asked. “No its okay, plus I might mess up my hair” he said smiling. I giggled a little bit. I never noticed how nice his eyes were… Especially in the moon light. “How did you meet the others? All 5 of you guys seem so different” I said. “We met about two years ago, we went to this signing boot camp and we ended up in the same cabin… After that we just kept in touch and then decided to make a band. How did you meet Lily?” he asked. “Well, we started cheerleading and dancing when we were 3. I thought she was pretty good, so I decided to talk to her, thinking it would make me look good since she was pretty popular. After that we became really good friends and I didn’t care if I was popular or not anymore” I said smiling. “That’s cute” he said with a smile. “Ryan escaped!” I heard Liam yell. I turned to see him running over to me. “Zayn, save me” I said and hide behind him. “Now, where did she go” Liam said in a playful voice. “She left, she went back to go splash you” Zayn said, I could tell with a smirk on his face. “Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go dry off by myself then” Liam said. “Wait! I’m right here! I’ll come” I said smiling. He giggled as we headed towards shore. “Do you want to come Zayn?” I asked. “That would be nice” he said smiling.

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