Dreams Can Come True.

A 14 year old girl, Samara, has been dying to meet One Direction's Harry Styles since day one. She wants to just say hi and have a hug from him, and she can live happily. She's always around town just minding her business, and she takes walks and see's One Direction in the tour bus, and she acts invisible. But one day, she wasn't invisible to Harry, she was the only one visible.


3. Day 3 - What?!


Samara stood there in shock. "Harry, you want me to be your girlfriend?". Harry smiled and put his arm around Samara and says, "I'd love to say you were my wonderful girlfriend". Samara blushes and smiles greatly and says, "of course i will be your girlfriend!" Harry smiles greatly and says, "wonderful!" and he puts his fingers under Samara's chin and kisses her softly. Just then, Harry's phone was ringing, it was a text from Louis saying "Harry, we need you for a recording session, be back soon! xx". Harry had a disappointed face on and said, "Samara, I must go. The boys need to record now."    As Harry finishes his sentence, he pulls a small black box out of his sweatshirt pocket and places it in Samara's hands. Samara smiled and said, "aw, you didn't have too..". Samara opens the box and sees two pieces of jewlery. One was a necklace with a paper airplane, the same one as Harry's, and the other was an 2 infinity rings. One with an H on it and one with an S. Samara sits in shock and says "Harry, they're beautiful." Harry smiles and says, "Shh." as he puts the necklace on her neck, and puts the H infinity ring on her left ring finger. "Harry you're adorable. Stay tonight, please?" As Samara asks Harry to say, she places the ring onto Harry's left ring finger as well. Harry sighs and states, "I can't love, I'll come back bright and early tomorrow!" Harry gives her a long and warming hug and kiss and says, "goodnight beautiful" and Samara says, "goodnight perfect angel".   The next day Samara woke up and she noticed something unusual, she was the only one home, she looked outside and didn't see her parents car, or Harry's. So Samara goes downstairs and sits on the couch and watches t.v. "Good morning, princess! How many pancakes would you like?" Harry yelled across the kitchen. Samara jumped because that was the last thing she expected. "Haz? Is that you?" Samara stuttered. "Your one and only!" Harry shouted. Samara walks into the kitchen and hugs Harry from behind. "well good morning hazzaboo" Samara says as she kisses Harry's cheek. Harry puts the pancakes on a plate and sets the table. Both Harry and Samara have a fun filled breakfast, and as Samara finishes, she says, "Thank you so much for the wonderful pancakes!" Harry smiles and says, "it's no problem."    Just then the doorbell rings, and it's Nicole. "Hey Nicole! What's up?" Samara says with a smile. "Samara, can I stay here for a little bit? I'm kind of upset." Samara hugs Nicole and walks her in and says "Why of course you can. Harry's here too though, do you mind?" Nicole stutters, "Oh no I don't mind."  Samara walks Nicole into the kitchen where Harry's just cleaning up. "Harry, Nicole's here, you don't mind right?" Samara questions. "No not at all, everything okay, Nicole?" Harry asks Nicole. "Not really. Lately I've felt like Zayn has just, forgotten me. He doesn't answer his phone, and when he does he says he'll talk to me later and he never texts me back or calls me back. Have I done anything wrong?" Nicole vents to Samara and Harry with a tear down her face. Samara goes up to Nicole and wipes her tear away. "aw Nicole don't cry!". Samara looks at Harry and says, "Haz, has Zayn said anything to you about Nicole?"
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