Dreams Can Come True.

A 14 year old girl, Samara, has been dying to meet One Direction's Harry Styles since day one. She wants to just say hi and have a hug from him, and she can live happily. She's always around town just minding her business, and she takes walks and see's One Direction in the tour bus, and she acts invisible. But one day, she wasn't invisible to Harry, she was the only one visible.


2. Day 2 - Double Date

Samara wakes up in the morning with a bunch of calls from her best friend, Nicole. She calls Nicole back and says "Hey I just got up, you called?" and she says, "OH MY GOD, WERE YOU HANGING OUT WITH HARY STYLES YESTERDAY?!" so you tell her, "Nicole sh, calm down! But yes I was! It was so romantic!" Nicole says, "I'm walking over soon!" so Samara laughs and says "okay" and hangs up the phone. Samara went downstairs to a big surprise, Harry was at her house getting to know the family. Samara has baggy sweatpants on, a tank top and her hair in a bun with no makeup. Harry smiles and walks over to her saying, "oh good morning, beautiful" and he kissed Samara on the cheek. Samara blushes and says, "oh hello love! I'm not even dressed or presentable or anything, I'm sorry". Mum and dad smile at each other alone and mum says, "we'll leave you two alone". So they get up and walk to the green house in the backyard. Harry looks at Samara and says, "You're still my beautiful Samara." and kisses her on the lips with a warming smile.   


Then the doorbell rings, and samara says "oh that's just my best friend I was talking about yesterday, her name is Nicole, let me go answer that." so harry smiles and holds her hand as they both walk to the front door and see Nicole's great smile. Samara let's Nicole in and Nicole says, "Samara! You didn't tell me Harry was going to be here!". Samara looks at Harry and says,"I didn't know he was here either, until I came downstairs". Then Harry brings out his other hand and puts it in front of Nicole and says, "Nice to meet you, Nicole. My name is...well Harry, from one direction." Nicole says to Harry, "I know I love your music! I've always wanted to meet Zayn but I know it can't happen".  


Samara and Harry look at each other with a smile and a head nod and Harry says, "Would you like me to call him up and have him drive down?". Nicole starts jumping up and down in excitement and says, "Oh my god, oh my gosh, please?!". Harry smiles and dials Zayn's number and says to him, "Hey Zayn, are you busy right now?" and Harry puts the phone on speaker and listens to Zayn say, "no I am not busy, why?" Harry says, "Come to Samara's house, her best friend wants to meet you!" Zayn sighs and says, "is she a crazy one?", and Samara proudly says, "no she is not!". Zayn laughs and says "Harry I'll be there shortly" and hangs up. Nicole stands in front of us with a shocked face and trembles out, "D-D-Did tha-a-at really just happen?". Harry smiles and says, "Nicole could you go get the door?". Samara whispers to Harry, "Will Zayn think we are dating if I hold your hand and kiss you still?" Harry looks at Samara, dead in her chocolate brown eyes and says, "I don't mind, if it was up to me, I would like that."   


Samara smiles greatly and kisses Harry on the lips as Zayn and Nicole are walking over to us and talking. Zayn says, "good morning Harry and Samara."They both say "good morning". Then Samara blurts out and says, "Today we should all hangout and do fun things!" Harry looks at Samara and says, "Like what?". Samara smiles and says, "maybe a movie and some lunch?" Nicole smiles and says "I think that's great!" and Zayn says "Agreed". Harry smiles and says, "Only of the movie is horror or suspense so I can hold you close tonight". Samara kisses his cheek and says, "okay, no problem". So right before everyone leaves Samara says, "Wait! I have to get dressed, Harry come with me?". Harry smiles and says, "Sure! We'll be right back guys, stay here."   


Samara and Harry went up stairs and Zayn and Nicole sat down on the couch waiting for them starting to talk. "Nicole, you have really pretty eyes." Zayn says with a half grin. Nicole blushes and says "Aw! Thank you, Zayn". Zayn smiles and says, "No problem". Nicole asks under her breath, "My dream is to hug you, may I?". Without answering Zayn hugs Nicole and holds her tightly as Samara and Harry come back down.  


"You guys ready?" Harry asked. Zayn shakes his head yes and gets up off the couch with Nicole. Samara, Harry, Zayn and Nicole all walk to Zayns car, Zayn in the drivers seat, Nicole in the passenger and Samara and Harry cuddling in the back seat. "what movie are we seeing?" Nicole asks everyone. "What about 1408?" Samara questions. Nicole says, "Sure, what's its about?" Samara says, "It's about a writer who needs a new story, and finds out there's a haunted hotel room in New York's "Dolphin Hotel". There was 56 killings, 22 natural and 34 suicides because they couldn't take it any more. It's really interesting. It messes with your head too." Harry says, "Oh that sounds good!". "Too me it doesn't matter" Zayn said quietly. Within 5 minutes, they got to the theatre and got their tickets and snacks. "There it is! Theatre 5, where 1408 is playing!" says Samara cheerfully.   


Everyone follows Samara into the theatre and takes seats in the back corner. Harry and Samara in one row with Zayn and Nicole in front of them. The movie plays and they think it's okay, Harry puts his arms around Samara and kisses her forehead softly. The boys make all the cute moves anyone would do to be romantic into the movie. About an hour and a half later after the movie, Zayn drives back to Samara's house with everyone so everyone could get picked up. Nicole got picked up first. When Zayn saw she was getting picked up, a tear shred from his face. "Nicole, wait!" Zayn said with a sigh. Nicole stops and turns around to see Zayn up close to Nicole with his arms around her waist. Then Zayn slowly leans himself in and kisses Nicole with a smile and puts his phone number on her hand in pen. "text me?" Zayn says with a half grin. "of course darling" Nicole said happily.   


Then Nicole walks out and Zayn waves and says "Goodnight Samara, see you later Harry". Samara waves and says "Goodnight!". So now Harry and Samara was left at the house. "Samara, may I ask you something, life changing?" Harry says with a big smile holding Samaras hands. Samara looks at Harry and says "Sure, anything." Harry looks at Samara dead in the eye and he asks her, "Will you be my one and only girlfriend?".

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