Dreams Can Come True.

A 14 year old girl, Samara, has been dying to meet One Direction's Harry Styles since day one. She wants to just say hi and have a hug from him, and she can live happily. She's always around town just minding her business, and she takes walks and see's One Direction in the tour bus, and she acts invisible. But one day, she wasn't invisible to Harry, she was the only one visible.


1. Day 1 - Park

It's just the mid afternoon in the UK, Samara is walking in the park alone, waiting for her best friend to meet up with you. But as you are waiting, she saw a car pull into the park, similar to her best friends. She got excited thinking it was her, but instead was a teenage boy by himself. He had the most vibrant hazel eyes, long curly brown hair and a glowing smile. Once he got out of his car, the boy and Samara made eye contact instantly.

He walks over towards you with a big grin on his face while saying, "Hello, beautiful". She smiled greatly and shyly said "Hello" and giggled. But then she looked at this teenage boy again, she realised it was Harry Styles! Samara's smile grew greatly and said, "You're... You're... You're Harry Styles! What are you doing at the park alone, talking to a random stranger?". He looks around curiously and says "Well, I was driving around town and I saw there was a park, so I came to hangout. The boys were taking a nap because they get tired easily. And I'm talking to you because you caught my eye ever so perfectly". Then Harry smiles and slowly reaches out to play with your hair.

"Are you busy for the rest of today?" Harry asked with a half grin. Just as Samara was about to say no, she realised that she forgot your best friend was coming to meet you at the park. So she trembles out saying, "I-I-I was, but my best friend is an hour late to see me". Harry smiles and holds your hands and interlocks his fingers into yours and says, "Would you mind taking a short walk with me, then I could drive you to her house? I'd like to know you a bit, if you don't mind".  Samara shook her head in excitement and starts to walk.

Harry points over to a bench that was towards the end of the park, giving a view of a beautiful body of water and asks, "Can we sit on that bench over there?". So, as any other person would say, she says "Why of course!". They walked over to the bench and took a good, long look at the water and the sunset behind the trees. Harry looks over at Samara and wraps his arm around her and pulls you close into him. He taps your shoulder and says, "I think we're going to get along just fine, don't you think?". So you look at him, and you softly press your forehead against his with a smile on your face and you whisper, "The best of friends". 

Then suddenly, Harry says, "May I try something? I promise it won't violate or harm you in any way". Samara smiled and blushed saying, "Just because you're so respectful about girls, sure". Harry gives you that smile of an angel and begins. He first takes his and and places it softly on the side of Samara's neck. He softly whispers, "Close your eyes, you'll be okay, trust me". Samara shut her eyes, then suddenly felt something new upon her. She feels a breath right in front of her lips, a trembling breath to be exact. Then Harry slowly leaned in and pressed his soft warm lips against Samara's carefully. After a few seconds of silence, Harry pulls himself back and says, "Was that too quick of a move? Should I have waited?" in a worried tone. Samara made a chuckle and held Harry's hand again and said, "Not at all". 

Samara looked at the time, and noticed it was almost 10pm, and she had to call home to get picked up. "Harry, I have to head home, it's getting dark and late". Harry looked at her and said, "Would you like a ride home?". She made a grin and said, "I'd be honoured". So they both get up, and hold hands walking to the car. Harry got into the drivers seat and Samara got into the passenger seat. "So, where to, darling?" Harry asked. Samara told Harry her address, and stated, "It's only a few blocks away, I'll lead you". So Harry started the car and started driving down the road, Samara gave him instructions on how to get to the house. In 10 minutes they finally got to the house.

Harry says, "Okay, here we are". So Samara and Harry got out of the car to walk to the front door, and Samara says, "Oh. Harry, what are you doing?". He smiles and says, "I don't just drop someone off and leave, I'd like to know that she is safe and sound inside, and I'd like to say hello to your mum and dad, is that okay?". Samara said, "You're so sweet, of course you may!". Samara walks inside her house and yells, "Mum! Dad! Someone wants to meet you!". So they come down stairs and say, "Who's your friend?". Samara smiled and said, "Harry Styles". Harry says, "Good evening, how are you two?" and shakes their hands. "Nice to meet you, Harry. But Samara must get upstairs and ready for bed. Big day tomorrow" mum said with a smile. "Yes yes, nice to meet you Harry. You may come back as much as you please" said dad in a happy attitude. "Why thank you both, I must run as you have told me" Harry says while looking at Samara. "Samara, may I see your cell phone for a second?" Harry asks quickly as Mum and Dad walk away to go back to what they were doing. "Sure!". Samara says, and hands him her phone. Harry is quickly typing something into her phone, and he gives it back and says, "I gave you my number. I would love to hangout with you soon". Samara blushes and says "And soon it will be, I'll text you now saying it's me, goodnight Harry". Harry holds her hand and pulls Samara in for a small kiss on the lips and says, "Goodnight, angel, sleep well".

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