50,000 hours before I die

So, this story came to my mind as I was having my toasted salad sandwich at home - around 11 - possibly because of the intense speedy motor bike drive at around 10 in the night - on Magarwada and Bamanpuja road. Breathtaking - especially with music. Shouldn't just enjoy the wind - also enjoy the different speeds with which the road, the lights and the landscape on the horizon move - take it all in - and it is all very picturesque.

It's a long story - probably can make a novella out of it - but I'll write down the broad outlines here. I am doing this because in the last few years, I have never done anything this way. The concept is not all that new - it's pretty chewed up if you ask me - what would you do if you knew when you'd die.


1. Concept

Corporate India Guy/Pretty easy going life/Competition amongst each other to get earn some money, get some chics and be more and more erudite.


There's no sudden change in the person though/he's kinda neutral and still a part of this lifestyle. But somehow (I haven't worked out how) he comes to know he'll die in around 5 years. Ofcourse, he doesn't take it seriously - ignores it, then plays around with the idea that it might after all be true. Spends a few days this way and then he sees negativity in everything, to everything - he says - why should i do this?


The change and the cruel joke:

Atleast, there's some change in the way he goes about doing things. But this is just the beginning, because this phase won't last. Although the whole premise of death is not written in stone, his habitual thinking has changed - and this has caused a slump. He sinks into his own world - and tries to crop up with bouts of happiness - only to know that he'll get down again. This is a small, boring part, but let's get through this . He finds his own interests in things and starts travelling. It all is uplifting - but it is not satiating, at all.


The crux of the story

The crux of the story is that the person eventually takes down to social work. Abrupt, chewed up subject matter, eh? There's a hundred ways by which you can treat this subject well :-) Especially by recognizing that a lot of things are futile and still need to be done.


However, this part of the story is intended by me to capture a few of the following observations:

"Treat people according to what they can become and they will become that."

"No one is pure evil."


We keep drifting around in our lives - and seek for peace of mind when it's at rest - when all the restlessness does is signal that there's something upon which we can focus ourselves. We seek heaven when we are in hell - but the truth is that when we are going through hell, we need to keep going.


The Themes of this story

The person becomes increasingly stoic - as a result a lot of what he does is guided by an intense wish to change things around for good - and this is contrasted by people who are going around with no urgency at all. This contrast makes for him to acquire more people skills :-D - that is, "hoodwinking" them in taking his wya.


Ths urgency also seeps into other areas of his life - much more in the interactions with friends and girlfriends. Time with friends becomes increasingly fun and satisfying, the time with some girlfriends is increasingly boring and torturous. The girls that don't fit the bill ft in the friends zone.


Food, Love and becoming.

Or rather, food, sex and becoming. 'd love to see where this goes - but the three experiences in life everyone should have are food, sex and becoming - really good ones. I find that the sex part is going to be a source of humor here. Black comedy - as not everything he thinks is the way it is. He signs up on a TGE in Pattaya, just to save time and on a dare - and realizes its not all that great - it was fun though - seeing the peculiar way in which theThai escorts operate.


This track will go further.



Death becoming a true things and less of an intellectual concept as health declines.

Spends the last one year of his life in a remote town, signing up as a teacher in a middle school.

Over confident on convincing people in his own way - ends up screwing the life of a girl as he takes on her dad about being an idiot.

And about the school I am thinking, well, the boys won't take too kindly to him.  I don't think any male teacher with any chutzpah is loved by boys. :-D

He even pushes Khan Academy infrastructure in the school district, and comes across how rigid people are - and how they have never really come across why they do what they do. But I like this one.

Pushing technology that is really good into making things better - in the earlier part.

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