Rise Of The Phoenix

The legend says that when the Phoenix rises from the ashes of a fallen wizard, six young heroes are ready to take on the honorable task of restoring the country's long lost greatness, but before that can happen, they must be taught the ways of their ancient heroes.

17 year old Beatrice leaves her home in the early morning, to fulfill her duty as one of the chosen ones, knowing she might not return.
For more than thirty years, the country has been ruled by an evil wizard, whose power lies solely in his ability to raise the dead. Now, his reign has come to a turning point, that will either mark the end of his terror, or grant him even bigger powers. Only six chosen youngsters have the ability to change the future.

Most likely part I of a trilogy


7. Six


Chapter Six:


Awakened by the early sunrise, Bea waited in silence for the morning bells to ring. Exactly like she had expected, there hadn't been much sleep for her that night. She had bolted awake at the slightest rustle when the wind blew through the dry branches. By now she was so tired that she barely felt the fatigue, not even the hunger bothered her.


She was no hunter, so she had to make do with the little food she brought with her, she could only afford a very modest breakfast in case she wouldn't make it to town in time to make her train, or something else would come in her way.


It wasn't long before the morning bell tore through the night and Bea soon crept out from her hiding place. She picked up her bag right away and took out what was left of the bread she had brought. She would enjoy her breakfast on the go, that would save her some valuable time.


She was a little bit behind schedule as she made it to the city, having expected to get there in the early afternoon, she was surprised to see that it was nearing 4pm at the time of her arrival. According to the old train plans her dad had lying around, the train were to leave at 4.37pm. She would have to find a pawn shop in a hurry.


She made sure the bracelet was hidden in her pocket as she started walking. She went downhill, like her dad had taught her. The docks would always be at the bottom of the hill and the best place for a pawn shop was at the docks with plenty of sailors ready to make a deal. There was on old street near the docks. A street with crooked houses and broken windows, but at the far bottom lay the only shop that didn't appear to be abandoned. 'Honest Henri's pawn shop.'


The name made her chuckle. The last thing pawn shop owners were known to be, was honest. Regardless of her worries about his honesty, she made her way to the shop. An old bell chimed above her head as she opened the door and stepped inside. The store was stuffed with random items. Some things appeared valuable, while other things were junk that were clearly just there because someone had been desperate for money.

It probably wasn't easy for a pawn shop owner to sell anything these days, and therefore a lot of the items on the shelves were covered in dust. Only the items on the counter seemed clean.


Behind the counter was a man in his early 50s with fuzzy white hair and yellow teeth. Those were the first things they noticed. He looked like a mad man as he stood there, leaned over the counter with his glasses in his boney hand.


Well hello young lady! What might Honest Henri do for you?” He asked when he saw her. As he sprung to life, he made her think of a wind up doll that had just been wound up.


I er... I would like to sell this.” She said, approaching the counter as she took the piece of jewellery from her pocket and showed it to him.


Uh hu.” He said, taking the bracelet from her with gentle fingers. “I see. It's not a particularly expensive piece. Silver with a single gem. I want to say diamond, but it could be rhinestone.” The way her degraded the piece made her furious, but he was her only choice. Only 25 more minutes to sell the piece, get to the station and get on the train.


I can give you 1 goldpiece and 20 silver.” He offered. Bea felt her stomach tighten. It had to be worth more. Despite the use of the word goldpiece for the coins, they were actually made of a much cheaper metal. One goldpiece could buy her 5 or 6 loaves of bread, but certainly no ticket.


I need more.” She said, not bothering to let him in on the sob-story behind the sale. Odds were that he wouldn't care anyway.


If the diamond is real, it might be worth 7 gold pieces. Give me a minute.” He disappeared into the backroom with the piece, leaving her restless in the store. The train would soon leave without her.


She shifted her feet impatiently, it had only been a few seconds but she had a nagging feeling that she would be late.


By the time 'Honest' Henri returned, she was almost ready to demand her bracelet back and find another shop.


5.35” He said, but Bea shook her head.


You said seven.” She said. He sighed and looked at the bracelet again.


Fine, but know that I'm doing you a favor, because you're pretty.” His tone made Bea shudder. She just wanted the money, so she could get out of there before she remembered what it actually was she was selling.

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