Rise Of The Phoenix

The legend says that when the Phoenix rises from the ashes of a fallen wizard, six young heroes are ready to take on the honorable task of restoring the country's long lost greatness, but before that can happen, they must be taught the ways of their ancient heroes.

17 year old Beatrice leaves her home in the early morning, to fulfill her duty as one of the chosen ones, knowing she might not return.
For more than thirty years, the country has been ruled by an evil wizard, whose power lies solely in his ability to raise the dead. Now, his reign has come to a turning point, that will either mark the end of his terror, or grant him even bigger powers. Only six chosen youngsters have the ability to change the future.

Most likely part I of a trilogy


22. Preview of book two.


Preview of book Two:

When the news of Beatrice Maroon's death travelled to the village, an unbearable grief numbed the small community, but among the grieving family a hero arose. Hearing about the unjust death of his sister, Jonathan packed his things, determined to avenge his sister and become the 6th hero of which the prophecy spoke. He was no sorcerer or warrior, all he had was the rage and the courage from knowing that the phoenix had risen, now was the time to strike. The emperor was at his weakest, thinking he had beaten the heroes. Only Jonathan knew different. In his heart, he knew his sister wasn't dead, she would rise from the flames from which the Phoenix had appeared.

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