Rise Of The Phoenix

The legend says that when the Phoenix rises from the ashes of a fallen wizard, six young heroes are ready to take on the honorable task of restoring the country's long lost greatness, but before that can happen, they must be taught the ways of their ancient heroes.

17 year old Beatrice leaves her home in the early morning, to fulfill her duty as one of the chosen ones, knowing she might not return.
For more than thirty years, the country has been ruled by an evil wizard, whose power lies solely in his ability to raise the dead. Now, his reign has come to a turning point, that will either mark the end of his terror, or grant him even bigger powers. Only six chosen youngsters have the ability to change the future.

Most likely part I of a trilogy


15. Fourteen


Chapter Fourteen:


Bea had found an old fallen log to sit on outside the cottage. She needed some peace to think, and inside was chaos. Julia spent most of her time mooning over Gray, who seemed to enjoy the attention. Percy had been galloping up and down the corridor all evening and Analiese was trying to get her hands on Devin, with limited success, to Bea's great joy. For some reason she felt a twinge of jealousy when she saw them together, but she did what she could to ignore it.

It was a nice and cool evening, the sun was just setting and even though there was less than an hour till curfew, she would enjoy whatever time she had.

The sounds from the woods around here were much more gentle and calming now that she knew she could go back inside for the night.

Despite the stillness in the woods, she wasn't startled when the door to the cottage opened near her and the wizard made his way out without even acknowledging her presence, only to then disappear into the woods. For a second she was tempted to follow him, but she decided not to, whatever it was, was none of her business.

She was once again left alone in the silence, listening to her own thoughts, but only a few minutes later the quiet night was once again interrupted as Devin snuck out from the cottage. He stood with his back against the door for a few seconds before he noticed her, and sent a shy smile in her direction.

"So this is where you're hiding.” He said and went to her, sitting down next to her on the log.

"I needed some air.” She just said, not wanting him to know that she was secretly happy he was there. “It got a bit chaotic inside.”

"Tell me about it.” Devin said, before they sat enjoying the silence and thinking about the challenge ahead.

"Can I ask you something?” He suddenly asked.

"Sure, shoot.” Bea said, already doubting that that had been the right choice.

"Today at training, why didn't you use your powers?” He asked, avoiding eyecontact with her, as if he would turn into stone if she caught his eyes.

"I cant.” She said. Her voice was barely more than a whisper. “I cant control them. I've never been taught how.”

"But the wiz can teach you, why not let him?”

"It's hard to explain.” She said. She couldn't tell him that she couldn't even summon her powers unless she was under great pressure. They had been hidden for so long that only extreme emotions could make her reach in and find them.

"Yeah.” Devin just said, once again the silence lowered over them, and they remained quiet until the bells rang and it was time to head inside.

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