Lost Direction

A very cliche but hopefully fun story in which our favorite five boys become stranded on a desert island. Love, hate, romance, drama and survival ensue. Harry-centric.


2. Chapter Two


 My mouth tasted like blood. Opening my eyes, my vision blurred for a moment before clearing. Green, everywhere. Green trees, green grass, green foliage. Faintly, I heard moans mingled with the chirping of insects. I blinked and stood, grasping my side as stabbing pain shot through my abdomen. Looking down, I saw blood, dripping bright red, staining the greenness. The greenness. It was a tropical jungle of some sort, I realized. And then I remembered- the feeling of my stomach leaping out of my throat as the plane plummeted towards the ground.

            Crash. There, the word came to me. We’d crashed. The plane had crashed. And then, another thought entered my mind; I was alive. Mia. Mia, what about Mia?

            Instinct kicked in and I surveyed my surroundings, my eyes drinking in a horrific sight. Scraps of metal wedged into the ground, flames visible in the distance. And bodies- bodies everywhere, moaning and sobbing, the whole scene splattered in a shade of red.

            I breathed, my nose assaulted with the stench of blood and something else- salty? Saltwater; we were near an ocean. Almost trance-like, I moved in the direction of the ocean, following the sound of the waves. I stumbled out of the trees onto the beach, where massive chunks of the plane lay strewn around. People were weaving their way between them, running and shouting things. I followed their movements and saw they were attempting to douse a fire.

            “You!” A voice called. I blinked and whirled around. A man handed me a bundle of burnt-smelling clothing.

            “Can you walk alright?” He asked. I nodded numbly. “Good, now listen, I want you to go try to stop some of the worst wounds. Tie a tourniquet. Do you know how?” 

            I nodded again, and he was off, shouting more instructions. Adrenaline kicked in, coursing through my blood, and I raced towards the woods.

            I stumbled over a body and heard a groan. “Help me.” Hastily, I knelt and examined the damage. His leg was caught underneath an enormous hunk of metal. “Help!” I screamed. “Somebody help!” Footsteps ran behind me, and a body appeared beside me. The body knelt beside the man. “It’s alright, it’s alright Lou, we’re going to get you out.”

            “Harry! Help me!” The man cried.

            I glanced at his face for a brief moment- just as recognition dawned on me, he stood up and shouted. “Come on, don’t stand there, help me move this!” 

            I blinked and begin to lift the metal- it refused to budge. We lifted and shoved and pushed. Finally, another pair of hands arrived to help, and we were able to roll the hunk of metal off of him.

            Harry instantly collapsed into the sand next to Louis, reaching a shaking hand out to pat his head. “It’s going to be alright, Lou, it’s going to be alright.” He repeated, his voice breaking. Louis closed his eyes and said nothing.

            The man from earlier was inspecting Louis’s leg. “His leg’s broken, that’s all. The metal was evenly distributed on his leg; otherwise it would have sliced it off.”

            There was an audible sigh of relief from Harry, despite the enormous amount of pain Louis was no doubt feeling. I sensed Harry believed his friend’s leg had been sliced; it was difficult to see anything beneath all the blood.

            “Look Louis, I’ve got to go find the others. You’ll be alright, I swear.” Harry told Louis. He leapt up from the sand and glanced at me. “Thank you.” He told me sincerely, his green eyes boring into mine.

            I nodded and knelt next to Louis. The man gave me instructions and a bottle of pills, and shouted instructions about giving him one every hour or so.

            After the pills seem to have set in, whatever it was they were, the pain seemed to have been erased completely, which was remarkable. In fact, Louis told me he couldn’t feel a thing in his left leg, before laughing hysterically. I glanced at the pill bottle.

            Oh dear. I thought, just before Harry jogged up, Niall a few meters behind him, panting. Niall seemed to have survived without a scratch, just a smudge of dirt on his face.

            “How’s- he- doing?” Harry wheezed between breaths. Louis lit up at the sight of him and Niall, his eyebrows shooting up, his blue eyes bright despite a layer of dirt caking his face.

            “Harry!” Louis yelled, delighted.

            Harry furrowed his eyebrows. ‘What’d you give him?”

            “Niall!” Louis yelled, equally happy.

            “Louis!” Niall yelled back, smiling.

            “Um.” I said. “I don’t really know.”

            “Harry!” Louis yelled again.

            “Niall!” Louis cried.

            “Louis!” Niall responded with equal gusto, laughing.

            Harry merely snatched the pill bottle out of my hand, and despite having just survived a massive plane crash, I felt another surge of dislike wash through me towards him.

            “You gave him drugs!” He cried, his voice cracking.

            A wave of resentment was slowly building inside of me. “What was I suppose to do?” I asked.

            “Not give him drugs.” Harry replied smoothly.

            “You are incredibly rude.” I said, the words flying out of my mouth before I could stop them.

            Harry merely raised an eyebrow at me. “What’d you say?” He said in his low, English accent.

            Niall’s blue eyes bounced between the pair of us as spoke.

            “I said, you’re rude. As in, you don’t know how to treat people properly. I don’t care if we’ve just been a plane crash, I don’t care that you’re Harry Styles, I don’t care that you’re-”

            “HARRY!” Louis screamed, louder than before. Harry faced Louis. “What is it, Lou?”

            “Who’s she?” He asked, looking at me curiously.

            Harry frowned and turned back to me. “I don’t know. Who are you?” He said, his voice heavy. 

            “I’m Emma.” I said, purposely looking only at Louis. Louis beamed and stuck out his hand. “I’m Louis.” He told me. I felt my lips tug into a smile, as I reached and shook his hand.

            “EMMA!” Louis cried.

            “LOUIS!” I returned.

            Harry breathed in deeply, irritated. “Look, you two have a fun chat while I’m gone searching for our best friends, who may or may not be dead, you hear?” I remembered Mia and a dose of fear shot thru my veins.

            “Come on, Niall.” Harry started to walk away. Niall, glanced between Louis and Harry, clearly torn between the two, and shot me an apologetic look. He lunged forward and shook my hand vigorously. “I’m Niall, by the way.” He started to trot along after Harry.

            “Wait!” I called. “I need to find my sister…could you stay with him?”

            Niall waved his hand. “Yeah, go!” I took off towards the words, praying Mia was alright.

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