Lost Direction

A very cliche but hopefully fun story in which our favorite five boys become stranded on a desert island. Love, hate, romance, drama and survival ensue. Harry-centric.


1. Chapter One


Monday, June 18th

8:04 A.M.

            “Flight 666, is now boarding passengers at gate 24.  Flight 666 is now boarding passengers at gate 24.”               I shot Mia an excited glance out of the corner of my eye and stood to gather my luggage. I heard her breath hitch as she struggled to catch up with me as I made my way towards the terminal.

            “Emma, slow down!” She whined. I kept up my brisk pace and said, “I told you to wear sneakers.” She glanced down guiltily at her strappy sandals, eyeing my sensible converse. (converses?)

            We were both filled with too much excitement to continue arguing, but I heard her sigh.

            Voices echoed throughout the airport, laughter and chatter and phone calls, as flights were announced in the background and people, all sorts of people, businessmen and families, and young couples and soldiers walked purposefully towards their next destination.

            I marveled at the purpose and drive of it all. It ran like a well-oiled machine, moving forward and chugging along. The airport thrived with life, life that was constantly moving and alive.

            Our luggage clicked on the tile floors as we approached our plane, Mia still struggling to keep up. Each of us had brought a single suitcase, stocked with strictly necessary supplies, something that had been rather difficult for Mia. In addition, our suitcases were just under the maximum size for a carry-on, as I refused to pay for the ridiculous cargo fee.

            I turned around an enormous column, and saw the back of a white t-shirt before it took a step backwards, ramming into me, causing me to trip backwards over my suitcase, and then kicking it, which somehow spun wildly into a table before bursting open, my clothes and underwear spilling out onto the tile.

            “OH.” was all I could say, as I sat there, frozen from shock. I heard a voice, thick with sarcasm and a British accent say, “Nice going, Harry.”

            The white t-shirt whirled around, and I looked up into the face of Harry Styles.

            “Oh, I, er, uh, sorry, I-um, didn’t, uh, see you.”

            The words that were running through my mind were neither lady-like nor appropriate, and I clamped my jaw shut to keep from screaming. I watched his face change from worry to uncomfortable in two seconds, as he stuttered out a few more words.

            A voice, the same one from earlier, said, “Harry, come on, we’ve got to make this flight, remember what happened last time?” And, just like, that, in an instant, he disappeared, leaving me stranded on the ground, my luggage strewn around me.

            I sat on the ground for a few more seconds, like a rock, until Mia knelt beside me.

“Emma? Emma? Are you alright?”

            The words that came out of my mouth took even me by complete surprise. “He was rude.”

I finally snapped out of my trance and begin to quickly gather my things, stuffing them into my suitcase violently. “He was rude.” I repeated. “Harry Styles was rude.”

            Mia hovered around me. “Well, maybe he was just in a hurry-”

            I looked up at her, her soft brown eyes hesitant. “Mia, he didn’t even offer me a hand! He didn’t help me pick up my things! He stammered out a pathetic apology and whoosh, off he goes into celebrity without so much as a backwards glance!”

            Mia shrugged. “Okay…so maybe he wasn’t the perfect gentlemen?”

            I snorted and zipped my suitcase. “Unbelievable. That was unbelievable. I’m sorry, but is it really-” The zipper was stuck. I tugged. “so-” I tugged again. “hard to stop for a few seconds and help someone after you accidentally knock into them, I mean, really.” The zipper wouldn’t budge, and I started to jump on top of the suitcase, smashing the clothes.

            “What. A. Jerk.” I punctuated each word by stomping on my suitcase.  Finally, I gave up, and I rushed towards our plane, dragging the suitcase behind me, a bit of a shirt trailing out.

            I continued ranting about Harry to Mia as we boarded our flight, took our seats, and stowed our suitcases above us. “I just, I don’t know. I’ve dreamed about meeting him every day for the past year and then he ends up acting like that?”

            Mia took a deep breath and turned to me. “Emma, really, I’m sure you just caught him at a bad time. Relax. Chill. We’re on our way toBolivia.”

            A wave of embarrassment washed over me as Mia reminded me of why we were here- a mission trip. I.E, to help people who have next-to-nothing, while I was sitting here complaining endlessly about meeting a rude celebrity. #firstworldproblems, I thought to myself.

            “Sorry.” I mumbled, and settled myself into my seat, and pulled out my headphones. Just as I begin to put the buds in my ears, someone’s giant rear end suddenly came into contact with my face. I groaned as the person oozed themselves past and plopped into the seat next to mine. I looked up, but I couldn’t really see their face…just a mountain of a body.

            “Sorry.” They said, in a voice that was remarkably similar to the voice of Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. I glanced at Mia, who was stifling her giggles with her hand. I elbowed her. It was funny, though, and before I knew it, we were both cracking up in our seats. The “please fasten your seatbelt sign” dinged and Mia and I exchanged one last laugh before the plane started to take off.

5:37 P.M.

            Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing some slight turbulence; please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened. My eyes shot open and I gripped the armrests of my seat as the plane bounced violently. Mia turned to me, brown eyes wide with fear. “They call thisslight turbulence?” I saw the juice on my fold-out table shake, and I opened my mouth to reply, when an alarm begin to blare. The pilot came on the speaker, but his voice was soon drowned out as the passengers begin to panic. Mia gripped my arm in fear as oxygen masks dropped down and people frantically lunged for them. My stomach tilted, and the last thought, strangely, I remember thinking before the plane dove downwards was how silly it was that they are fighting over the masks; don’t they know there is one for each passenger?      

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