Because you're worth it.

An elucidation of the highlights of each intriguing day of my life. Finally, a golden opportunity to unleash all thoughts and speak my soul. Here goes nothing.


2. Shocking Revelation

Now, things have changed, or on the verge of anyway. We're talking, yes, though after pouring my heart out in the previous post, I resoluted to simply talk to him every other day. Not only because of finally sussing out my diminishing feelings towards him, but also due to a realization that never passed by my train of thoughts before, a stop of a long lost sensation of seeing that someone and utterly out of the blue, your heart skips a beat. Thus, a destination by far unexpected of who that person turned out to be. How is it possible for my heart to choose him? The only him who's impossible for me to fall for. He's out of the question. Still, he's...gorgeously fit,perfect, and what amazes me the most how he has no clue about it.

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