Because you're worth it.

An elucidation of the highlights of each intriguing day of my life. Finally, a golden opportunity to unleash all thoughts and speak my soul. Here goes nothing.


1. Pride Perplexed.

 I don't like him, or maybe I do. It's inexplicably confusing. It really is. I have no clue whether I like him because I like HIM or I simply like the fact of having a crush and pursuing someone, trying to figure out the subtle signs of any mutual feelings. Problem is I've chosen the coldest, most self-absorbed lad this world has ever witnessed. Not only is he difficult to comprehend, but his arrogance and ridiculously high confidence is literally suffocating the hell out of me. Clearly, you wouldn't call him a crush if that's how you feel about the bloke, but I don't know. My, I don't! When am I ever going to understand my incomprehensible feelings. Not only did he leave me with continuous awareness of his proud self, but also he began revealing another shade of his masked character, turns out he's like every other guy, no different. When he expressed his bewilderment why we, girls of our school, weren't making out him with him 24/7 like his tennis mates who couldn't keep their hands away from him. Oh, and as evidence, like I already wasn't infuriated enough, he sent pictures of him and other eagerly wild girls insanely kissing him. Come on. I'm only adding more reasons why I should quit crushing over him, so what could possibly be stopping it from ending already?  Still, when I see his face, all is gone. Poof.  By then, I become ridiculously oblivious of who and what's around me, and I only see him. Such an impact he has on me that seeing his breathtakingly heart-stopping smile makes my whole day. Despite that ravishing feeling, I stop and realize that I know I deserve better. I realize that maybe that tear-jerking feeling of being the sole single girl among my attached friends is what drove me towards considering him as more than a friend, all due to the fear of living under the status of 'forever alone.' Nevertheless, I'm immensely aware of the fact that love at first sight is what I should passionately expect, not just checking out your best friends whom you've known for a while, eventually discerning that maybe he can be quite charming. No. that's way off and undoubtedly a waste of your and his time. Not only is it apparently because of deep desperation, but you'll also miss out that enchanting fairy tale feeling of being in love, head over heels with those long mesmerizing eye contacts, the sweet unending talks, and finally the yearning desire to please one another and conceiving that this was meant to be. I admit, yes I've had a share of all these irreplaceable emotions, but man did it hurt as this romantic whirlpool surprisingly transformed to hate, loath and shock of how the person who was everything in your life, probably life itself, who sincerely promised he'll never hurt you nor break your helpless heart, wasn't a man of his words. How I was once captivated by my ex's unwavering charm and blindly believing his meaningless words is beyond me. Whoever said ' love is blind.' deserves the finest chapeau, for it's a truthful fact that had us all burned whether with or without knowing it.  Bottom line is we are unconditionally precious and unquestionably worth so much. Is it a fact we can all agree to? I think yes.

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