I Used To Know Him

Lilly was born in Britian, until she moved when she was young. Her parents and her moved to the USA. She is not popular, and has only 2 best friends; Melissa and Stacy. It's almost her birthday and all she wants is a car. Her family is in financial problems, so she ends up getting tickets to the One Direction concert. She has never been to their concert or even see them. When she goes to the concert she realizes that she knows a member from the band.


9. What Would Happen If She Finds Out

As the class was dismissed I jammed out that door and went to english class.  Melissa and Stacy were already there, and we all sit in the very back together so it's easier for us to talk.  "Well, well, well.  It looks like someone is happy?"  Stacy said.  "Yes I am!"  I said trying to keep calm.  "And why is that?"  Melissa said.  I got out the paper with Dillion's number and handed it to them.  "Okay?  Who's number is this?"  Melissa and Stacy said.  "The most hot boy ever!  He's also very popular!"  I said having  a smirk on my face.  "Dillion's?!"  Melissa shouted.  Thank god no one was listening to our conversations.  "Indeed it is!"  I said all happy.  "Woah woah woah! Hold up.  How did you get his number?"  Stacy interrupted.  "Well, see today we get new seats in science and Dillion got picked to sit with me!  Then we started to talk, and he gave me his number!  Oh, did I also mention that he called me pretty?!"  I announced.  "Oh my god!  Today is the best day of your life haha!"  Stacy said.  "But, imagine if Jenna finds out that he called your pretty or even gave you his number?"  Melissa said.  I didn't really even think about that.  Actually if Jenna did find out she would be so furious.  She would make sure i'm the laugh of the school.  I don't think I would want to get on her bad side.  So I just sat there thinking for the rest of the class, what if she does find out?  She would be so mad at me.  She likes him and this would make everything go wrong.

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