I Used To Know Him

Lilly was born in Britian, until she moved when she was young. Her parents and her moved to the USA. She is not popular, and has only 2 best friends; Melissa and Stacy. It's almost her birthday and all she wants is a car. Her family is in financial problems, so she ends up getting tickets to the One Direction concert. She has never been to their concert or even see them. When she goes to the concert she realizes that she knows a member from the band.


5. Upgraded

As the rest of the evening went by, I fell asleep.  The night flew by so quickly.  I awoke by my annoying alarm clock that beeps every second until I hit the snooze button.  I then got up and got ready for school.  Today is finally friday!  Only one more day until my birthday and the one direction concert.  I was actually excited to go show my friends my new look!  I just hope they won't judge me now, and I hope there will be a lot of people that actually notice me.  I then went down stairs and grabbed a bagel and went out the door.  As I arrived to the bus stop, the bus finally pulled up.  As I was walking in I heard whispers like, "Is that Lilly?" Someone said.  "Woah she's pretty!"  I didn't think it was a big deal, all I did was curl my hair, put makeup on, and wear nicer clothes.  As I arrived at my seat I could hear the mean girls say, "Wow, who is she trying to impress?  She's not even pretty with or without makeup."  "I know.  Like no one is going to like her."  They said giggling.  I just sat there all alone until we arrived at school.

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