I Used To Know Him

Lilly was born in Britian, until she moved when she was young. Her parents and her moved to the USA. She is not popular, and has only 2 best friends; Melissa and Stacy. It's almost her birthday and all she wants is a car. Her family is in financial problems, so she ends up getting tickets to the One Direction concert. She has never been to their concert or even see them. When she goes to the concert she realizes that she knows a member from the band.


10. Snapping Back Might Not Be The Best Solution

As the day went by I went to my locker and saw the "populars" come my way.  It was only the girls.  I don't really know why?  I just grabbed my stuff until I heard a voice.  I recognized this voice.  It was Jenna's.  "Hey Lilly."  She said not so pleasant.  "Uh hi?  What do you want?"  I said.  "Okay let's just get this straight.  I heard you've been talking to Dillion.  I'm not so sure if I like that.  So if you just keep your distance from him, then we will be all fine."  She said almost yelling.  I can see some people looking my way.  I know my face was about to turn bright red because I don't like attention.  "Okay first of all, he talked to me first.  You know I can talk to anyone I want to.  You can't tell me who to talk to, and who not to talk to.  I also don't care if you don't enjoy me talking to him."  I snapped back.  They all looked stunned that I talked back to her.  I know for a fact that this was all going to start drama. 

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