I Used To Know Him

Lilly was born in Britian, until she moved when she was young. Her parents and her moved to the USA. She is not popular, and has only 2 best friends; Melissa and Stacy. It's almost her birthday and all she wants is a car. Her family is in financial problems, so she ends up getting tickets to the One Direction concert. She has never been to their concert or even see them. When she goes to the concert she realizes that she knows a member from the band.


11. Rude Personalities

I looked at them, I knew my eye's looked worried.  I'm not used to drama.  I'm drama free.  "Listen, I don't think you understand.  He's all mine, not yours.  He will never like you.  Your ugly anyways.  He likes me, and me only.  So you don't need to waste your time trying to make him like you."  She snapped right back.  "I'm not trying to make him like me.  And he won't like you at all."  I said.  "And why is that?"  She responded.  "Because, no one likes girls with bad personalities, like you."  I said.  But it's so true!  No one likes people with rude and negative behavior.  "Okay whatever.  I'm just warning you, if you ever talk to him again, you will find yourself humiliated."  She said.  "Okay you do that."  I said and slammed my locker in their faces and left.

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