I Used To Know Him

Lilly was born in Britian, until she moved when she was young. Her parents and her moved to the USA. She is not popular, and has only 2 best friends; Melissa and Stacy. It's almost her birthday and all she wants is a car. Her family is in financial problems, so she ends up getting tickets to the One Direction concert. She has never been to their concert or even see them. When she goes to the concert she realizes that she knows a member from the band.


1. Just the Beginning

It all started on a rainy school day.  I hate rainy school days, they make me drowzy and fatigue.  The whole day at school we did absolutely nothing.  The only thing I was thinking about was my birthday, which was in two days.  That means in two days I will finally be 16, and be officially able to drive without my parents supervision!  I was so excited because I know I will get a car, because thats all I asked for.  As I rode the bus home after school, there are always these cliques.  First there is the mean ones, then there is the nerds, freaks, and normal.  Well i'm the normal, and I have no friends on this bus so I sit all alone.  As I walked to my seat on the bus which is in the very back, I started to hear whispering.  "Hey do you Lilly's outfit? It's so ugly." One mean girl said. "I know! She needs a big makeover. No wonder no one likes her." Then I heard another preppy voice. "Exactly, like she will never have a boyfriend. She doesn't even have a car yet, I would die. It also looks like she gets her clothes from target."  As I sat there listening to their remarks about me I thought to myself, am I that ugly?  Is that why I don't have a boyfriend yet?  Do my clothes look that bad?  I mean, I get them from target but target is a normal store for everyone.  They have nice clothes from there, it's not like I need clothes from Hollister.  Finally I snapped out of it when the bus stops.

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