1 dream can take you anywhere.

18 year old Amanda is moving back to London to get a fresh new start. She was born and raised in London but after her father died Amanda and her mum moved to America. Now that she is 18 she wants to move back to London, and she does just that. She's always loved the band One Direction but deep In her heart she treasured Niall the most, her dream was to meet him someday, and that dream came true.


6. Unpacking Part 2

I idmetetly go find my new bedroom, "wow" I say. The room was gigantic and it was a king sized bed! I hear my phone buzz in my pocket I take it out and read it -unknown caller- *hey are we going to get started with the unpacking are what?* right then I knew it was Niall an smiled at him. I reply back with *yea babe c'mon and help me(;* I knew Niall got the text because I felt someone grab my waist from the behind and whisper in my ear "I'm ready love" I looked up and it was Niall. "Ok let's get started" I said. He helps me unpack and put things into drawers, haha when he found my bras he put them over his Nipples. I start to laugh, I then take a pic of it and post it on twitter "oh Niall haha your a real help with unpacking;) " I type. After a full 3 hours of unpacking we are done.
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