1 dream can take you anywhere.

18 year old Amanda is moving back to London to get a fresh new start. She was born and raised in London but after her father died Amanda and her mum moved to America. Now that she is 18 she wants to move back to London, and she does just that. She's always loved the band One Direction but deep In her heart she treasured Niall the most, her dream was to meet him someday, and that dream came true.


2. The plane ride to London

"Are you Ni- " "Yes I am Niall Horan" he smirked. "And what is your name love?" he said. "Amanda" I replied. "that's a beautiful name" Niall said. "thank you" I said while blushing. "so why are you going to London?" he asked I replied "well because I was born and raised there but when my father died me and my mum moved to America, now that I'm 18 I wanted to move back to London, wich I am doing right now." "I'm sorry about your father" niall said. "oh it's fine, we were never really close." "oh, we'll anyways where are you staying in London?" he asked." I am staying in the London Hilltops" I replied. "Oh my gosh that's where I live!!" Niall sounded so exited. " haha that's cool I said." *Nialls P.O.V.; Man Amanda was so beautiful , and when I found out she was moving in the same apartment I live in , I was so happy.
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