1 dream can take you anywhere.

18 year old Amanda is moving back to London to get a fresh new start. She was born and raised in London but after her father died Amanda and her mum moved to America. Now that she is 18 she wants to move back to London, and she does just that. She's always loved the band One Direction but deep In her heart she treasured Niall the most, her dream was to meet him someday, and that dream came true.


1. Boarding The plane

"Amanda time to get up, you don't want to be late for your flight" I heard my mum say. "I'm up mum" I yelled. As I walked downstairs I quickly grabbed an apple took it up to my room and started getting dressed. For my flight to London I desided to wear a yellow sundress and my black flats since it was summer. I put on some mascara and started eating the apple, after eating I brushed my teeth & combed my hair, I looked at my watch "Damn mom I have to go I'm already behind schedule" I hollered to my mum. "ok sweetie, be careful" she said as she pulled me in for a hug. I let go and waved one last goodbye. In the car I turned on the radio, and what do I hear?! One Thing by One Direction!! I start singing along and dancing haha I was having a blast. When I finally got to the airport I ran quickly inside. I went theough security check and everything else I had to do. As I boarded the plane I realized I just made it and had 2 minutes to spare. "thank god" I murmured to myself. I desided to sit near the window. All of a sudden I heard a loud plop at the seat next to me. I turned around and I saw a boy with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, we just stared at each other and it seemed like forever. Then I realized who that was.
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