Treasures Covered In Ink

so i thought i would start off with some poems.
Many of my poems turn out to be random, sensitive or confusing. But hopefully they'll be good enough for you to enjoy.

If you find that a poem is to sensitive please don't read it.


1. The white lines of remembrance

If I cut a little deeper,                                                                                                                                                                           

Will the pain fade away?

Will the knotted paths,

In my heart untangle?


One more white kiss on my flesh,

And everything will go away,


All the torment will stop,



Wrong my dear child,

There's no point in trying,

The crosshatching,

Will always stay,

White and pale,

On your soul, your mind, your heart.


So look up my child,

Look up to the sky,

And see the new dawn beginning,

Wipe away the smears and start afresh,

Maybe then will the pain stop?!

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