Fade to Grey

Shattered glass, pain and despair. that was about all that the Creepers left of amnis (my village) I'm so scared....


2. The start of the hunt ...

the radio by me flickered, and an unrecognisable voice starte to crackle and come through.

"Hello !?!? please...please...." i cried.

"Hello, whos this.. oh like it matters, where are you !? are you somewhere safe !? are you alone or with a group !?" the impatient lady shouted desperatley. As I reached for the radio is crackled again and the voice dissapeared.... I cried a single tear. I then had a sudden thought, if there was a voice, there was people, if there were people, I wasn't alone.. !! I grabbed my bags, my radio and my family photo.

"Lets go..." I whispered to myself


i took a deep breath and opened the door, flooding the room and my eyes with light, not knowing if I was ever going to return...

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