Fade to Grey

Shattered glass, pain and despair. that was about all that the Creepers left of amnis (my village) I'm so scared....


1. Me

I felt the room shaking, my senses have increased since the breakout, I can smell things from 25 meters away and I'm sure I can hear conversations in the next half a house along. My Sister. Gone. they've clearly got her. those horrible, heart destroying, Creepers have snatched her life from her, literally. they suck life from innocent people, and leave them to wither and rot. My mum and dad have gone for food and haven't returned in hours, I fear the worst. I don't actually know where the bodies go or what actually happens but somehow they become a creeper and do exactly as the others. Creeps are black and bulgy-dark-purple-veined. they are constantly crouched and have nothing but a long bending mouth four razor teeth and a long lizard-like tongue. their hands have pencil sharp claws and cracked knuckles. I don't know how this started but, somehow it needs to stop, and people that have gone must be brought back.....

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