Distance Breaker [Zayn Malik]

Zayn and Ariel have been together for 2 years. They are insuperable, or so they thought.Suddenly Ariel has to pack up and leave, but Zayn isn't going to let them be apart. He's going to find a way to get back to her. No matter what it takes.


4. Three

*Zayn’s POV*

My knuckles were turning white from gripping the steering wheel. My mind was oblivious to everything around me, except where I was heading. Ariel’s house. Today was the day she was leaving to New Zealand.  We had savored the last three days, by spending every living moment together.

I slowly turned into the paved driveway, seeing a couple of moving vans, and men loading boxes and furniture into them. I sat watching for a few moments looking at the pieces of furniture that held memories. The leather couch, the first time we held hands. The mahogany dining table, where we had a food fight, and for a punishment had to clean it up, which led to another fight. I smiled and sighed, forcing myself to get out of the car to face what was happening. Still making my way up the driveway, Ariel appeared at the open front door; she sprinted to me and engulfed me in one of her bear hugs. I buried my face into her soft blonde hair inhaling the sweet scent of Rosemary. “You showed.” She whispered. I gripped her tighter and whispered back “Of course I showed, Ariel. Nothing could keep me away.” I took in a deep breath and departed from her grip. “We’re leaving soon.” Ariel mentioned while staring at the ground. I heard her sniff, and I couldn’t take it any longer. I lifted up her chin and kissed her for the longest time. Her soft gentle lips against mine, as if they belonged there. We broke apart and I wrapped her in my arms, listening to her soft sobs. She was holding onto my shirt so tightly it seemed like she was keeping herself standing. “ARIEL, IT’S TIME TO LEAVE!” I heard Wendy shout while she was walking to their car. “No.” was the word that slipped from Ariel’s lips. She held on tighter, and I tried walking to the car, but she was holding me down. “Ariel, you need to-““NO.” she interrupted me, and didn’t let go. I was trying to hold back the tears, because it was on very rare occasions when I let people see me cry. But seeing Ariel like this was making it very difficult. “Babe, please, you’re going to have too. I love you.” I muttered quietly to her. I felt her hands slide to her side, as she looked at me “I’ll love you forever, Zayn.” She said unsteadily as tears continued to slip from her puffy eyes, down her fragile cheeks, and fall to the ground. I reached over to wipe her tears with my thumb. “Stop crying, please, you’re too beautiful to cry. Let me see that gorgeous Ariel Evans smile.” Letting out a little laugh, she smiled the smile that could move mountains. “That’s better.” I returned her grin. “ARIEL! TIME TO GET IN THE CAR! WE’LL BE LATE, AND YOUR DAD WOULDN’T LIKE THAT!” Wendy shouted once again from the car. I heard Ariel’s mumbled swear. She reached out to hug me one last time, and then ran to the car, her sobs starting again.

I stood in the driveway, and watched the car pull out. Ariel gave one last smile through the back seat, but it faded when she realized the tears escaping my eyes. I turned around and ran back to the car, heading home.

I opened my apartment door, and cursed loudly. She was gone. The space next to me felt empty, when Ariel wasn’t there. A wave of loneliness washed over me. What are you supposed to do when the thing your whole world revolves around is taken away? I don’t know. I layed down on my back, and stared up at the ceiling. I still felt her lips against mine. Nothing else seemed to matter but her.

 I miss you already, Ariel.


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