Distance Breaker [Zayn Malik]

Zayn and Ariel have been together for 2 years. They are insuperable, or so they thought.Suddenly Ariel has to pack up and leave, but Zayn isn't going to let them be apart. He's going to find a way to get back to her. No matter what it takes.


2. One.

 *Ariel’s POV*

“Oh, babe, don’t cry!” Zayn exclaimed while wiping the tears that had slipped loose. “It’s just so sad! I couldn’t imagine that happening that to one of us!” a few more tears slipped as Zayn engulfed me in an embrace. We were cuddled on the couch watching A Walk To Remember, and I had gotten emotional.

“I need another tissue.” My voice was muffled by Zayn. That’s when I couldn’t help but realize how silly I was being, and a laugh started to build up inside me. “Here you go, lovely.” But instead of grabbing the tissue I start rolling around having a laughing fit. “What the heck is wrong with you!?” Zayn asked with a hint of giggle in his voice, because my laugh was becoming contagious.

I finally composed myself, but the smile wouldn’t vanish from my lips. I loved days like these. It was pouring outside, so him and I were trapped in his flat for the day, doing nothing but just being ourselves. I wish it would never have to end.

“You’re so beautiful when you smile.” Zayn said, dreamily. Without hesitating he leaned in and gave me one of those slow passionate kisses that seem to stay on your lips for hours. I smiled once again, and got up from the couch to look out the window. “It’s stopped raining.” I sighed. I felt his hands gently hold onto my waist, while he rested his chin on my shoulder. “Look how beautiful it is outside. The rain cleaned everything up.” I peered out the window once again, but realizing the actual beauty the outside held. “Let’s go outside.” I said, having the sudden temptation to see the nature up close. I slipped on my boots, and Zayn’s jacket as he did the same.

We sat outside and listened to everything. The birds chirping as they searched for the bugs that the rain had washed up, the squirrels climb about the trees, and we watched the sun slowly climb out of the sky. “It’s beautiful.” I whispered, not wanting to stir up any of the animals. “Not as beautiful as you.” Zayn whispered back, and giving my hand a squeeze. We sat out there for I would say a few hours, just talking, listening, and laughing. When we walked inside it had gotten dark, and I checked the time.


“ZAYN! MY CURFEW IS 12!!” I shouted. “SHIT! Let me get you home!” We scrambled to his car, and he sped to my house.

“Bye, Ariel. I love you.” he gave me another one of those long lasting kisses again, that I would still feel when I went to bed. “Bye Zayn, I love you too.” I opened his car door and ran up to the house. When I opened the door I saw my mom sitting at the kitchen table with a mug steaming coffee pressed to her lips. “I’m sorry, mum.” I sat guiltily in the chair across from her and waited for my punishment. “It’s fine, sweetie. It’s young love. I understand. Your father and I had that once.” I released the air I was holding in, “Why are you not sleeping?” my mum never stayed up this late. “I found out some news today, and wanted to tell you right when you got home,” That’s when it hit me. I was so worried about being punished I hadn’t noticed the cardboard boxes piled around. Moving boxes. “Ariel, we’re moving.” I sat in silence for a minute hoping that it was only a few minutes away. “To where? And Why?” I questioned her.

“Your father got offered a better job. Same corporation, but a higher position. The only thing is it’s located in Wellington, New Zealand.” The sentence slowly clicked together in my head. We’re moving to New Zealand. How far away is that?! I had no clue. “I can’t do that. I can’t pack up and leave! I have a life here! What about Zayn!? DAD NEVER CARES ABOUT US!” I let the words slip carelessly. I instantly regretted them. “Just go to bed, Ariel. We’ll talk about it in the morning.” I pushed the chair backwards and ran to my room.

When I got to my room I turned on my computer and waited impatiently for it to start up. Eventually it did, and I went to Google and typed in “How many miles for England to Wellington, New Zealand?”

“The distance between Wellington, New Zealand and London, England is 11,682 miles. 26 hours and 55 minutes away. It’s almost half way round the globe. New Zealand is 12 timezones ahead of the United Kingdom.”

I let my head hit the computer desk, and I didn’t stop the sobs either.

I can’t leave Zayn. 


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