Distance Breaker [Zayn Malik]

Zayn and Ariel have been together for 2 years. They are insuperable, or so they thought.Suddenly Ariel has to pack up and leave, but Zayn isn't going to let them be apart. He's going to find a way to get back to her. No matter what it takes.


10. Nine

*Zayn’s POV*

I wiped off the fresh sweat beads that began to form on my palms.

Standing in front of the freshly polished white door, I raised my clammy hand a knocked gently 3 times. It was a unbelievable that I was so nervous to see Ariel, maybe it was because the bruise  had just now begun it’s healing process, or because I may have the wrong address. But whatever it was didn’t matter anymore, because now standing in front of me was a big burly man. He was built tall and strong, his eyes were bloodshot almost as if he hadn’t slept, and he had a suit that sat flatly on his body. For a moment, I didn’t know who it was, since I had only seen this man maybe 3 times at the most. But his eyes instantly revealed that Ariel was his daughter. I could pretty much see Ariel’s face. They looked almost exactly the same. “Yes? What do you want? I’m not giving you money if that’s what you’re here for.” His voice was loud. I smirked; because it hit me that he thought I was homeless. Did I really look that bad? “I’m here to see Ariel.” I spoke slowly and softly. I was not going to push this guy’s buttons. “Who are you?!” I let out a huff; Ariel’s dad doesn’t even know I am. That’s how much he’s not around. How pathetic. I shared a hatred for Ariel’s dad as much as Ariel did herself.  

“Ariel’s boyfriend.” I said bitterly, becoming frustrated with him.

“Which one?” he asked back sincerely. He had to be kidding. I was Ariel’s one and only. Wasn’t I? She couldn’t have another boyfriend that was a lie. Plus she wouldn’t tell her father. The one person she despised. I stared him straight in the eye “Zayn. Now can I see Ariel?” My patience was running thin. “She doesn’t live here anymore. Her mom, our maid/chef/housekeeper, and her packed up everything and left. They’re gone, ahaha they’re not going to last long without me.” He let out a cold and heartless laugh. “You heartless man.” I told him sternly.

 I flinched when the front door slammed.

What was I supposed to do now? I had no idea where Ariel had run off too. I made this trip for nothing. I couldn’t just turn back and head to Bradford, I had already gone this far.

Time to keep my journey going.

This isn’t the end. 

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