Distance Breaker [Zayn Malik]

Zayn and Ariel have been together for 2 years. They are insuperable, or so they thought.Suddenly Ariel has to pack up and leave, but Zayn isn't going to let them be apart. He's going to find a way to get back to her. No matter what it takes.


5. Four

*Zayn's POV* 

It’s been nearly 2 days. I came up with the sudden idea to get to Ariel. I’m somehow going to find my way to New Zealand. But not by plane, I don’t have time to wait for all that mess. So I packed a bag with clothes and money. The first thing I’m going to do is write a letter to Ariel, and tell her I’m coming. I grabbed a paper and pen and started writing.

Dear, Ariel.

It’s me, Zayn. That wasn’t the last time you were going to see me. I just want to let you know I’m on my way there. I have nothing to do over here in Bradford without you. I need you. So, I’m coming. Not by plane, that takes too long. I’m using any transportation I can find. Bus, car, bike, boat, anything to get to you. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m up for the adventure. I love you, and I’ll see you soon.

-Zayn xx

 It was short, sweet, and down to the point. I was going to start my journey tonight. I walked outside, slipped the letter in the mailbox, and started walking to the nearest bus station.

When I arrived at the bus station I went to the ticket booth, “What’s the farthest bus I can take?” I asked the man. “The furthest bus is to Bristol, you trying to run away, lad?” I smiled “Nope, just trying to get to my love.” I replied. The man passed the ticket through the slit in the glass window. “This one’s on the house. I hope you get to her.” He said smiling. “Thank you, sir. And don’t worry, I will.” I walked away, sat on a bench, grabbed a granola bar out of my bag, and munched on it while waiting for the bus that was heading to Bristol.


After about 30 minutes of wait time the bus finally pulled up. The door opened simultaneously as people flooded out. A few other people and I waited patiently for the crowd to thin out, and then boarded the bus. I slithered to the back not wanting to be bothered, put my head phones on, and listened to the first song that popped up, which happened to be All Back by Chris Brown, one of my favorites.

I opened my eyes to see the few people aboard the bus staring at me. Slowly I took off my headphones, and stared back, “Is there something on my face?” I asked feeling my chin. “Oh no, lad, it’s just that you have got one mighty fine voice there.” An old Irish man spoke. Everyone else nodded in agreement. “I was singing out loud!?” I was sort of panicked. “Yes. I haven’t heard a voice like that in a long time.” A young girl with a daughter next to her said.

“Will you sing for us?” The young girl’s daughter asked, she seemed to be about 6 or 7, and she had these adoring blue eyes that reminded me of Ariel’s, so I couldn’t turn her down. I moved towards the front of the bus, turned sideways in the seat to face the people, and started singing the first tune that came to mind, Let Me Love You by Mario. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, so I sang a few more tunes. This trip won’t be so bad. I thought to myself, grinning.

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