The Book Of My Life

Written in inspiration of the song by Sting - The Book Of My Life. I heard it once, singing along to the lyrics, and hidden behind those letters, are the carefully written words of a poet, with experiences, good and bad, that shaped his life. But doesn't that happen to all of us? Once your life is over, all the small decisions you made, all the fights you had, all the mistakes you gave in to, they create your path, past and present. Would you have ended up exactly where you are right this moment, if it wasn't for a reason? This song writes about it all, and I hope to do so as well.
A tribute to a highly beloved performer - Sting.


2. Prologue


It hurts as I write the words that describe my life. I want no other person to ever see it. But I know I must do it, for if I vanish, who will ever know the truth? I cannot say it aloud, and it kills me to think of. Mistakes, lies, memories are all in this journal, and more. Here I sit before the fire in my lodge, which only I inhabit, because the thought of returning to my old life scares me. Deep in these woods, no one will ever find me. I wish to die a peaceful death, here in the house I built out of my bare hands. As for my rambling, I am terribly sorry, but these opening words are the ones that will make you read my story. Something I am scared of, but also something I need. Feelings inside me rouse when I think of anyone ever finding this, but I must write it. I owe it to...some very dear people, that I have hurt - even if I did not intend to do so. 


You, my dear reader, have stumbled upon an old man's story, a story that will leave you breathless, horrified, happy, sad, and internally glad that you did not live my life. That is what I hope will happen, that you will think of your life as a gift - what I couldn't do. 

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