Danté's Book of the Mad, Sad and Dangerous To Know

A collection of poems by me. Most of these are completely spontaneous so...we'll see how they turn out.
There is no overall theme to these, though I suppose "Dark" is one. Enjoy, I hope.


2. Your Grave

Again at your grave,

I find myself,

Reading, “Rest In Peace”

Kneeling in this filth,


I miss you, you know,

Your smile and love,

All those memories,

I must now recall,


You do not speak now,

At first you did,

In those first few days,

Now you are silent,


I will join you then,

To hear your voice,

In death’s cold embrace,

Together again,


Your silence calls me,

So I’ll join you,

Yes, indeed I will,

I shall end my pain,


By this gun I hold,

I swear to you,

Together we’ll be,

Forever in death,



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