Danté's Book of the Mad, Sad and Dangerous To Know

A collection of poems by me. Most of these are completely spontaneous so...we'll see how they turn out.
There is no overall theme to these, though I suppose "Dark" is one. Enjoy, I hope.


7. Poverty

Let me hold you, please,

I do not want you to go,

Please just stay by my side,

And let us watch the world,


It spins by us so fast,

And horrors take place,

I beg you, do not go,

Out to the nightmare,


No, no, hold my hand,

I am being serious,

There is cruelty and,

Murder out there.


I will stop you here,

This is the last place,

Where we can be safe,

In a world so harsh,


So stay with me,

Whilst others die,

We cannot help them,

If no one will help us,


Why do they let them die?

All those children who starve,

There are people in slavery,

And we do nothing to stop it,


Such things cannot be stopped,

So let us stay away from it,

And be in each other’s arms,

Until the end of everything,


I want to help them all,

But I cannot do it,

So I will stay with you,

As the world kills itself.

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