Danté's Book of the Mad, Sad and Dangerous To Know

A collection of poems by me. Most of these are completely spontaneous so...we'll see how they turn out.
There is no overall theme to these, though I suppose "Dark" is one. Enjoy, I hope.


19. Lucifer

A pounding in my head,
That echoes on and on,
Driving me insane,
Calling me away,
I question who I am,
I question why I’m here,
Mysteries in abundance,
Memories far away.

Locked up in this place,
Lied to forever,
Fallen from grace,
My mind always changing,
My body malformed,
Condemned for nothing,
Condemned for it all,
Can’t remember the cause.

My morals corrupted,
My values are crushed,
A righteous battle,
An unjust king,
Felled by the blind,
Exiled for nothing,
My broken wings,
My shattered heart.

I rose against Him,
Who thought himself pure,
His intentions were cruel,
Masquerading as friend,
A creator and destroyer,
I am made the villain,
The one who questioned,
Imprisoned for eternity.

You know my name,
You think you know me,
The stories they tell,
Untrue forever,
He is authority,
I am the righteous,
History is written by the victors,
It seems.

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