Danté's Book of the Mad, Sad and Dangerous To Know

A collection of poems by me. Most of these are completely spontaneous so...we'll see how they turn out.
There is no overall theme to these, though I suppose "Dark" is one. Enjoy, I hope.


12. Dying Love

Please do not be angry,

Please do not cry,

None of this is your fault,

All of it is mine.


You’ve always been amazing,

You’ve always been with me,

I know that you still love me,

But love you I do not.


I wish this had not happened,

I wish I loved you still,

But I’m afraid it’s over,

Please do not kill me.


Your heart will get better,

Your heart will love again,

It may take a long, long time,

But this is the right thing.


At least we are still friends,

At least things seem the same,

But you know there will be change,

And I pray it does not hurt us.


If you see me with other lovers,

If you see me far away,

Know you are now my sister,

And life can still go on.



If you read this to the tune of the first verse of "End of All Days" by "30 Seconds to Mars", I think it works quite well.

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