In love with a group of 5

Maddie and Josie are big one direction fans. When they go to see a concert where they live they feel like the boys cant keep there eyes off them. So when they are one there way walking back home a black limo pulls up nect to them and the window rolls down. When they end up falling in love? Or possibaly splitting up the band?


3. Meet and greet

"Baby you light up my world like no body else the way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell you dont know-a-oh you dont know your beautiful!" sang the boys.

"The keep glancing at us!!" says maddie happily.

" I noticed that!" says josie "I cant wait until we go backstage!!"

"Ok.This is our last song!" shouts Zayn " Join in if you i want."

"It feels like we've been living in fast forward another moment passing by"

"UP UP UP ALL NIGHT!!" shouted josie and maddie

It was the end of the concert and the girls were so excited to go back stage. It was only them two and a group of 10 others. So they all walked nack stage and waited for the boys to come out yo meet them.

First niall,followed by liam,then zayn then harry then louis. They all went around hugging each girl and saying hello. Each girl got to ask 2 questions. So josie went first.

"Hello guys!" josie said shakeily "My name is Josie"
"Hello joise!" they all said. Harry louder than the others.

"My question there any girls in the crowds that you cant take your eye off of sometimes?"

The boys all looked at each other then niall looked at Josie and said. " Yes infact for me there was one tonight." he put a a cute grin on his face. Joise turns a bright red in her cheeks. Then harry says, ya i did but i think she is in love with someone else.

"Was he reffering to me?" josie wondered

"My next question is....if you had a girlfriend would it be hard while on tour?"

Once again the all kind of exchange looks and once again Niall answers.

"No, i would keep touch with her alot and bring her to some shows."

Josie starts to think niall is hinting her some way.They just stare at each other for a minute awkwardly.

"NEXT!"says Paul

"Hi my name is maddie."

"HI MADDIE!!" they all say

"My question is what is the youngest you would date?"

" The wait a little.... 14-15" they all agree on.

"Ok and my next question is a little like Josie's but slightly different......was there any girl tonight that you fancyed? Or any girl who caught your eye right away?"
The boys all seem a little embaresed to admit but liam talks first.

"There was one girl tonight." he says grinning. "She looked very stunning."

Then zayn answered as well " I did see this girl, she was in the front row, but i cant have her anymore."

Maddie looked slightly confused but just kept to herself

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