In love with a group of 5

Maddie and Josie are big one direction fans. When they go to see a concert where they live they feel like the boys cant keep there eyes off them. So when they are one there way walking back home a black limo pulls up nect to them and the window rolls down. When they end up falling in love? Or possibaly splitting up the band?


2. Getting ready

Maddie had made josie look like the cute but mature 16 year old she was. All though maddie was 16 as well she looked as nice as a 18 year old would. Maddie was wearing light washed miss-me jeans that had black and silver Rhinestone angel wings on the bum with a black and white stripped polo shirt to go with it and black stilleto shoes. She also had silver jewlery on to make the outfit pop and just for the weather she carried a black north face jacket. But the way she dressed josie she looked so different. Josie had her medium length hair in nice wavy beach curls like maddie's and she was wearing black leggings with a beige long sweater that went down to the middle of her thighs with silver flats and silver jewlery for accents. With light natural makeup on.

"Ok look at your self in the mirror!" said maddie

Josie stood up and walked to the mirror and was speechlees. I-i look AMAZING! Thank you so much maddie i feel so confident.

"5:30!!!!" said josie's mum from the bottom of the stairs. "You girls should get a move on the concert starts in 2 hours and there may be some trafic and you want to have time to get settled when you are there."

"OK MUM!!" said josie "I guess we should start going....i will drive ok?"

"Fine by me" says maddie

When they walked down the stairs Josie's mom had tears in her eyes's."You to look beautiful!" She exclaimed.

"Thanks mum." said josie slightly embaressed.

The girls stepped out into the London evening got in there car and where on there way.
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