In love with a group of 5

Maddie and Josie are big one direction fans. When they go to see a concert where they live they feel like the boys cant keep there eyes off them. So when they are one there way walking back home a black limo pulls up nect to them and the window rolls down. When they end up falling in love? Or possibaly splitting up the band?


5. Are we official?

Josie's P.O.V

It had been two days since the concert and Niall and I had texted alot. I couldnt help that burning feeling inside of me wodering if we where dating. I mean we had only met for about 1 hour and i was already falling asleep in his arms. I mean deep down in side i did like him, in fact i think i was starting to love him. His cute accent, the way he laughed, his smile, how careing he was, he was just so cute. But i mean i was to scare to ask him about it being official or not because i was scared to have a bad answer and i didnt want to rush anything. I meam thats like all maddie and I had talked about was niall and liam. I mean yes we still like went to the londen eye and around london but we couldnt help it. So finally on the night of day 3 after the concert i was going to ask niall. But then i got a text it said," Hello love how are you? I dont want to rush anything but icwas wondering if we were official or just..close friends? I dont want to put pressure on you but i think i am falling for you." I just sat there stareing at my phone then maddie walked out of the bathroom and stopped,"WHAT!?" she said whats wrong?? Niall i think just asked me to be official!! She snatched my phone and read then ahe said...."well...." well what??" i said.

Yes or no??
REALLY?? Of course yes! He is so sweet!! And i dont like him cause of his music and lookd i like him because of his personality,but i do like his face and music. So i texted him back sure, i think we can be official. And then he asked me if i wanted to go to nandos with him and that was that :).

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