In love with a group of 5

Maddie and Josie are big one direction fans. When they go to see a concert where they live they feel like the boys cant keep there eyes off them. So when they are one there way walking back home a black limo pulls up nect to them and the window rolls down. When they end up falling in love? Or possibaly splitting up the band?


6. Are We official part #2

Maddies P.O.V

Liam....Liam... Thats all i could think about. It had been 4 days since the concert and Niall and Josie where already together. But why not Liam and I? Does he not like me that much? Whats wrong?? Now that niall and josie where together it seemed like she didnt really care abou me anymore. I mean she will always me my best friend but. "Come on we live in lodon" i would say there is so much to do!! But her answer was, "Oh i think Niall and I are doing somthing,you should come with." Ya right and watch you guys have the time of your life as boyfriend and girlfriend no thank you! So finally i worked up the nerv to ask Liam my self and not wait for him. So i texted him. I said," Liam i dont want to rush anything but are we official?" He texted back maybe 2 seconds later saying," I WAS JUST ABOUT TO ASK YOU THAT!! So yes we are official!" I started jumping up and down right when josie cane back in. "What?" she said?? We are official!! I said!! "Im proud for you....but" "But what" i interupted??" "Are you just this excited cause he is famous?" "NO OF COURSE NOT!!" i said kind of mad.
Ive just been waiting for so long and he is just perfect! So like that i was with liam and josie was with niall.
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