True Love

When a girl is torn from her homegrown and moved to a different country
Thousands of things could go wrong, but on the other hand lots of things
Can go right! As Sapphire discover the newly formed heart throb, One Direction,
The gorgeous Harry Styles catches her eye. Seduced but his curls Sapphires
Live is about to get exiting.


1. Moving

-Beep, Beep, Beep-
"Uhh, is it that time already!" I groaned as I slammed my hand down on my innocent alarm clock, nocking it off my highly polished table that stood by my bed. I managed to catch a glimpse of the time before it landed with a thud onto the soft, springy carpet. The time read 09:26, damn I had over slept. Rushing out of bed, I grabbed my favourite pair of skinny jeans a light pink top to go with it, keeping with the trend i shoved on my Vans. I ran downstairs to see a plate of bacon and eggs laying on the kitchen table. I quickly ate them and rushed to the car outside, where my mom was waiting inpaitently. I hopped into the passenger seat and said my last words to my house before leaving it forever.
" Goodbye."
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